What teens are reading ?

What teens are reading ?

Many people think that modern teenagers do not read books, preferring the computer, television and other electronic entertainment.In fact, far from it.Most teens still love books.

What teens are reading: literary genres

Here are the most visited today genres of literature, modern children preferred:

  • Fantasy;
  • Fiction;
  • Detective;
  • Roman;
  • Nonfiction;
  • Tale;
  • story.

What teenagers read: popular

Everyone has different tastes, someone prefers foreign classics, some Russian fiction, there are those who respect the poetry of Pushkin and Lermontov.

But there is a list of the most-loved books of teenagers:

  • Harry Potter (series consists of 7 books, the author Dzh.Rouling Genre: a fantasy.);
  • Twilight (series consists of 5 books, author Stephenie Meyer Genre: a fantasy.);
  • Tanya Grotter (series consists of 16 books, the author Dmitry Yemets Genre: a fantasy.);
  • Cats-Warriors (in a series of more than 30 books, author Erin Hunter Genre: a fantasy.);
  • Lovely Bones (author Alice Sebold Genre: pro
  • Loneliness in the network (by Janusz Leon Wisniewski Genre: romance.);
  • Bury Me Behind the Baseboard (author Paul Sanaev Genre: novel.);
  • Gone with the Wind (author Margaret Mitchell Genre: romance.);
  • Alchemist (by Paulo Coelho);
  • Little Prince (author Antoine de Saint-Exupery Genre: a fairy tale.);
  • p.s.ya love you (the author Cecilia Ahern Genre: romance.);
  • Crime and Punishment (author Fyodor Dostoevsky Genre: philosophical and psychological novel.);
  • Eleven Minutes (author Pauolo Coelho Genre: novel.);
  • Jane Eyre (by Charlotte Bronte Genre: romance.);
  • Seagull Jonathan Lingviston (author Richard Bach Genre: novel-parable.);
  • Hobbit (author Dzh.Tolkien Genre: a fantasy.);
  • Scarlett (by Alexandra Ripley Genre: romance.);
  • Lord of the Rings (author Dzh.Tolkien Genre: a fantasy.);
  • Eragon (author Christopher Paolini Genre: a fantasy.);
  • Eat, Pray, love (author Elizabeth Gilbert Genre: romance.);
  • Master and Margarita (author Mikhail Bulgakov Genre: romance.);
  • Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (author Stieg Larsson Genre: thriller.);
  • Catcher in the Rye (author Jerome D. Salinger Genre: prose.);
  • Metro 2033 (author Dmitry Glukhov Genre: Fiction.);
  • Picture of Dorian Gray (author Oscar Wilde Genre: prose.);
  • Notebook (author Nicholas Sparks Genre:. Novel).