How to get free gold in Avatar ?

How to get free gold in Avatar ?

avatars - addictive online game, which has its own game currency.This gold and silver, which can be earned if perform a variety of tasks.Gold Avatar will buy a variety of items and get additional benefits or opportunities.But gold is not easy to earn.We'll talk more about how to get free gold in the Avatar game.

Avatar: how to get free gold

Consider the basic methods of producing gold (gold) in the Avatar game.

Winning on the wheel of fortune

you get four gold coins if you win at the wheel of fortune.Wheel of fortune - it's a lottery drum, in which you can win a gold, silver, chips, or try to "disrupt" the biggest win - Jackpot.

Completing quests

Consider the basic tasks and how much gold for them you can get:

  • generous gesture - one gold coin;
  • secrets of seduction - one gold coin;
  • drawn swords - one gold coin;
  • plague shopping - one gold coin.

You can also perform tasks in the menu "Gold for free."

points set in the school

If you reach 275 points in a school, you get fifty gold c

oins.School in the game Avatar - this is a place where players can test their mental abilities and get some points.The school has the following subjects: mathematics, Russian language, physics, literature, chemistry, history, geography, computer science and biology.For these subjects there are special issues.

the day the player has the right to answer only five questions on any subjects.It is also possible every day to answer questions one item that you have learned the best.The school can also perform a variety of tasks.For each task you get two gold coins.

Daily Active games

If you go to the game every day, then on the fifth day of the visit will be credited with a bonus of one gold coin, on the tenth - five gold coins and the fifteenth - seven.

game in the casino

The easiest way to get gold in the game Avatar - is a daily game in the casino.Availability for this is the free chips.

How To Make Gold in the garden Avatar

In the game player's avatar can also earn gold in the garden.To do this, he needs:

  • in the first shift - water the flowers;
  • second - destroying insects;
  • in the third - to catch butterflies;
  • the fourth change is necessary to spray the flowers, on the computer to change the system time and select a different month.

Thus, for the fulfillment of this mission, you will get up to 500 gold coins.

Now you know how to get free gold in the Avatar game.Enjoy your pastime in the game.