How to knock out of the box in warface?

How to knock out of the box in warface?

lot of players who played in multiplayer multiplayer game Warface, know firsthand how difficult it is to beat the box of luck.Many very good weapons, you can either win, taking first place in the ranking, either by paying real money or a huge amount of virtual currency, or knock out boxes of luck.That last option is most often a lot easier than the other.

learn how to beat box luck in Varfeys be explained in detail below.

How knock box luck in Varfeys

There are several ways how to beat out different weapons in the game of luck boxes.Players come up with a few simple tricks and schemes for this purpose.Consider the example of different types of weapons, how to do it.

How to clear AK 47

necessary to go into an empty game, where there are no other players, and then acquire a box of luck and autopsied.If no weapons, then buy as many as five.In another failure to buy back five and then another.If not, then the method can be repeated several times until the bitter end.

How knock USAS-12

trudnovypadaemoe This is the weapon of the game after diglyme.For his fortune out of the box you want to apply immediately the three methods, combining them into one:

  1. start knocking out the procedure from 4 to 8 in the morning, when the minimum number of players on the servers.
  2. Go to the polygon, and play it for 2-3 minutes in a row.
  3. We go after the landfill to the store and go through it a couple of minutes.
  4. buy a box of fortune.Open the box of luck.As soon as it begins to open, close it immediately.
  5. buy a new box and repeat the action.
  6. Thus it is possible to buy a few boxes and put them back.
  7. Apply flashing principle.That is, if you bought a box of 11, then flashes forward 11 and open it.

Thus some players received the coveted weapons since the first box.

How knock Saiga 12C and Kel-Tec Shotgun

In order to get these types of weapons, you must:

  1. Wear standard shotgun richmond 770.
  2. Early in the morning, when the server load is minimal, buy 5 boxes of luck.
  3. If the first time did not work, then repeat to a successful outcome.

How knock Calico M951S and GS Garrota

For these "guns" it is best to apply the method of landfill and flashing:

  1. shoot at the range of 2-3 minutes.
  2. buy in the store box, open and immediately close.
  3. is counted flashing in accordance with the number of the calendar.

How knock Tavor CTAR-21 and FN P90

two weapons at the same time can be obtained using the method 5-5-5.Buy five boxes as long as you find a weapon.

How knock FN SCAR-H and AUG A3

Both rifles are very similar.Therefore it is recommended to apply the method 5-5-5 in the early morning.This makes it possible to receive both a rifle.

How knock AS50 and Garrota

Weapons better beat from 4 to 4:30 in the morning.That is, you will have only half an hour on the successful knockout.At other times, the chances are very low.

How knock ACR and AUG A3

This weapon was knocked out early in the morning on a method 5-5-5.

How to beat the other weapons

remaining weapons are easy to beat, combining different techniques and applying them separately.

only weapon that can cause difficulty - it's deagle.For his knock recommend to read our article How to beat deagles.