How to win gold in Avatar ?

How to win gold in Avatar ?

Avatars - colorful game that provides you with great opportunities, including those relating to and select clothes for your character.However, if you do not have gold coins, this would be impossible.It is for this reason that a lot of players are very concerned about how to win the gold in Avatar to be able to freely acquire all that much.

Of course, the developers of this game offers a simple and obvious way to gain coins, simply by purchasing them for regular money.But there are some other ways that do not require you to financial expenses.

Methods of producing gold coins

  • One method is very simple, you only need to run the game on a daily basis, and hung for a couple of minutes online.Then you will be awarded gold per visit.
  • The next way is to start work - for it too will be awarded gold coins.
  • can earn gold in the garden.To do this, you need at the last minute your shift go into the garden and start to do the work, while the coins will be added twice.
  • Get coins can be, passing the exam a
    t the school, but to do this you need to be successful in the end score at least 275 points.Also, the school can carry out tasks and to receive a reward of gold.
  • In the game there is a section "Free Gold", in which, by performing various tasks on the complexity you can earn coins.
  • Wheel of fortune - yet another excellent opportunity to replenish their gold reserves.To play, you need to pay a token and begin to spin the drum.When the drum stops, it will be clear what prize you have won.Of course, this method does not guarantee you will receive gold, as there are prizes, such as silver and chips in addition to it.sector there is also the drum "Bankrupt".If you want to disrupt the jackpot in Avatar, be sure to read the article How to win the jackpot in Avatar.

These are the basic ways to earn gold in Avatar, but remember that in the game, as in life, wealth - not the most important thing and not get hung up only on the earnings of gold coins.