Why the book ?

Why the book ?

Do books need in the age of high technology and previously unseen rhythm of life?We do not have enough time to develop the newly available information, we do a lot in a hurry, without thinking about the consequences.Only have time, do not be late, do not miss ... A book?Do not they impede our speed skating?Who will now sit on a thick folio, if you can take a look at a few pages of an Internet on the same topic?Overlooked - and forgotten.He slid his eyes and understood.Or not?Or does not it?Because only the slide-on surface.Without going.Not looking into the essence of things.Not bothering.Do not evolving.

Why read books

man will cease to be Man when will lose the ability to think, to empathize, to create, to dream, to improve.This is what we learn from books.We plunge into the world of literature, which expands our vocabulary, enriching the feelings, introduces unknown cultures and peoples, finally brightens loneliness, it helps to overcome the sadness or depression.In reading, we are beginning

to understand the issues of good and evil, to distinguish truth from falsehood, to appreciate friendship, restrain negative emotions.But all this is impossible to comprehend in a hurry, on the "tops" in passing.Sometime you need to stop and look back, summarize made that a better understanding of something really, think about it.We turn to textbooks and literature to journalism and scientific works, to fiction and poetry to expand the boundaries of their world, and every time to respond to new questions, to have the right to make mistakes and to learn how to correct mistakes.

Fluently viewed TV program or article "proschelknutaya" for a few minutes with the mouse on the monitor does not teach intelligently express ideas, communicate ideas, not logic and will provide the ability to prove its own right.Even to write a good essay on school 10 proposals will not work if there is no baggage of books read.

Why books?The writing on this subject are often asked the students.If you are faced with the same problem, you can take advantage of the answers given above, but will be very good if you yourself something you can add to this.

Why should cherish the book

Mankind has created a giant library, amassed an invaluable store of knowledge, experience and wisdom.In any society, in any country taken care of the books, save them, take care of them.Why?

  • First of all, the creation of the book - great work.Carefully handling the book, we show respect for the author and all those who helped him in his work.
  • What book have stored, the greater the number of people able to read it.Book can be shared, it is possible to present or exchange, having had an opportunity to read another one, then another and another.
  • Every time created its own books, they passed on the knowledge acquired once and developing from generation to generation.
  • Drinking book today tells us about human culture, its education and development.

Why eBook

Our life is impossible without books, they need us at any time for a variety of tasks.Along with the progress of Change and the book, there were e-books.

Advantages of e-book are as follows:

  • Compact.Small size and weight are convenient to any journey.
  • It can not stain or tear, can not be said about the paper version.
  • Capacity from 2 to 4 Gb, so that with you - an entire small library.
  • screen with e-ink technology E-Ink does not tire the eyes and saves battery power that can last more than a week.

E-book - a special reading device, analogue convenient paper book.