How to get out of the clan ?

How to get out of the clan ?

very popular online game World of Tanks, Minecraft, Stalker, Warface and others.They are interesting because they play them - it means to compete with living players.The collective nature of the game puts sometimes the problem is not only how to form a group, but also how to get out of the WOT clan or another game?

What clans

most preferred to play such urbi in the team.No one, even a very strong player with a well-armed and pumped character will not be able to win the battle.In the early stages combination is directly in combat.But the teamwork of these groups is far from ideal.Yes, and the transmitted information is rather scarce, and make a decision based on it hard.We need a normal relationship.

next stage - the union of a small group.Two players can team up, for example in the World of Tanks to declare himself a platoon, and enter the game together.Even a small, but interacting on a single plan, the group (even two tanks) can dramatically affect the outcome of the battle.The game becomes m

ore interesting and, no less importantly - effective.But to create more numerous association is not so simple.But you can join an existing group.However, before this move nobody thinks how to get out of the clan then, if the need arises.

Participation Clan opens many opportunities, especially to a newcomer.The trouble is that the probability that a novice would take in a decent, fighting clan - is extremely small.

What gives

clan clan gather people with different levels of experience.There is a very elegant opportunity to gain experience from the more skilled comrades.To this end, the clans often conduct training fights within the clan.Beginners explains the strategy and tactics of warfare.Disclose the strengths and weaknesses of the various characters in the game.

This game is a completely different level, there really is nothing to do for beginners.They will only be an extra burden in the battle.But the players who have experience, will have a tremendous opportunity to meet face to face with the masters of the game.Under these bonuses, even in bad weather, and no player will think how to get out of the clan - it's just not necessary.

But membership in a clan, and imposes certain obligations.The most important thing - you need to be in the right place at the right time.Login to the game you need to go at the same time with everyone.It is not always convenient for people living in different time zones.What is particularly important in such a vast country as Russia, and even with a mass of compatriots living abroad.

In addition, not all experienced players are eager to tinker with the "kindergarten".And if the clan assembled hastily, because people do not want to unduly strain inactive - all more pleasant moments disappear.And then be in a clan straining even novice who may want to find a more suitable clan.

That's when the problem of how to get out of WOT clan becomes urgent.But the same applies to any other online game.To do this, you need to log in to the official website, go to my profile, open the tab my clan, and there you can find the line: to come up with the clan.Pressing this button, the player is free from all the advantages and disadvantages of staying in the clan.

Good luck on the battlefield!