How to force yourself to read?

How to force yourself to read?

Earlier, all people want to read and tried to get some emotional background.Today markedly blunted the need to read the books, because emotions are fueled by increasingly using the Internet.

method as myself to read

  1. It is necessary to write down what you want in your life right now, what you're aiming for.Our life is so fleeting, and often wins the one person who can act faster than anyone.Always write your nearest desire, a need, a goal you want to achieve now.
  2. Find interesting magazines, books, newspapers, where talk about how to get things done better and faster.These books are there, even if they have never you did not come across.Your task is considered not just read any books, but read that can help realize your desires and needs.In these books is easier to develop the habit of reading, to then go to the verses, poems and stories - to something less practical.
  3. can read and immediately put into practice.Books should lead you to your goal.If one book "does not work", look for another.Book
    s huge number, but great books is much smaller.

How to force yourself to read books

First, you need to select books of the genre that you like.Choose a few writers who really have proven themselves.It could be detectives and romance novels.

to read yourself to adjust.Take the time to look into the book, understand it.This may require a lot of effort from you, but if you can get carried away, the reading will go and will bring you real pleasure.

For a useful habit you need to take this: always carry with them a book.When you are sitting in a big queue to the doctor - it's time to read a book while waiting in a cafe girlfriend - pull out a book from her bag when going for a walk with your baby - do not forget about the brochure.

To date, there is an alternative book bound in the modern world.It is convenient to consider electronic media.It is much easier to download from the internet interesting stories than choose them at the store.It can be used to read and audio versions of the books.