How to grow a dragon ?

How to grow a dragon ?

In the popular game Minecraft world appeared with the title "The End."Sometimes, this world is called Ender.After the release of the game was released, it appeared the main boss of the whole game world - the dragon.The question arises, what is the end, and how to grow a dragon?The main strangeness of the world is that having got into it once, find the way out is not so easy.

Portal Ender

After the character portal will take place, it will be on the obsidian platform.The platform is located over the precipice.To get to the island you need to be in possession of a large amount of building materials.It is also necessary for the battle with the dragon to prepare in advance.We need a large amount of food, arrows, and other than a diamond armor and a sword.It is best if every thing will be fascinated.Oddly enough, but to have to find a way to kill a dragon.These armor required and how to grow a dragon in Minecraft.

On the island there are obsidian pillars of various heights.Each column stores the sou

rce of the dragon lives.After the dragon flies over one of these pillars, the vital energy back to him.Therefore, before entering into battle with the dragon, you must destroy all the pillars.After the destruction of the column there is an explosion, so it is best to strike from a distance using a bow.It is best if the explosion would be the next dragon.

Dragon gunpoint

After each column life is destroyed, you can start the attack on the dragon.Movement of the dragon quite chaotic.Sometimes he flies over the player.Hiding from the dragon is not necessary, as there are no obstacles for him.When the dragon is flying above you, you need to attack it with the sword or bow.Do not forget Endermenov.They do not like it, if you hook them.When the dragon's life comes to an end, he dies.Watch the boss's death is interesting.The player, who killed the dragon, get a lot of experience.

After the death of the dragon in the place of his death portal home there.At the heart of the portal is a dragon egg.In fact, how to grow a dragon, can not do without it.This egg is necessary to call a pet dragon.In order to call him to press RMB on the egg.Egg can grow, but that requires a mod Dragon Mod.

How it works

Egg does not work in maynkraft.How to raise a dragon can be understood only by installing mod Dragon Mod.For the growth of the egg will need a warm place, you want to find yourself.Once a place is found, you must click on the egg RMB.He needed the energy of light and heat, is another way to grow a dragon egg is impossible.After the appearance of the dragon, it is necessary to feed raw fish.Pet will follow you and protect you.Giving the team a dragon, you can use the bone.In order to use the dragon as a riding animal straddled him.To eliminate the dragon wounds, you must feed him raw fish or other meats.In order to best control was put on the dragon the saddle.

pet can be controlled by the keyboard: Moving Forward - W, backward movement - S, move left - A, Move Right - D. Fly can be using the space bar to go down using the Shift key.

Dragon excellent defender who will protect the owner from the monsters, but sometimes he suffers from such monsters and gets injured.For its restoration have to feed him.If the dragon gets in the way it can seat as another pet (such as a wolf or cat), giving him a bone.After setting the correct modes and learn how to grow a dragon maynkraft, you can continue to play with even greater interest.