How do people learn to read ?

How do people learn to read ?

Scientists have devoted a lot of time looking for answers to the question of how the ancient people learned to read and where there was a printed script.And it was writing influenced the development of the people, without it there would not be reading books and all the world that we know.In this regard, we will talk about how people have learned to read.

Reading and writing the first

known that the first written language appeared in ancient Mesopotamia.It is believed that the ancient Sumerians inhabited it first learned to score and invented the first alphabet.It Sumerians credited with the invention of cuneiform, which was a certain similarity of signs and graphics (icons).It should be noted that let cuneiform and seems primitive to modern man, it was formed by centuries.That was the beginning of the development of cuneiform writing as such.

itself as cuneiform emerged from the need to transfer information from one person to another at a distance.After all, before (until cuneiform writing), pe

ople have been forced to transmit information via articles.Of course, the objective "letter" is distinguished by its shortcomings.The information could be perceived in a completely different sense.The emergence of the alphabet

gradually began to form hieroglyphics.It is believed that one of the first inventors of this kind of letters were Egyptians.However, the characters have a significant drawback - they actually were not associated with speech.

steel yield alphabet.The first alphabet was created by the ancient Phoenicians in the second millennium BC.And if earlier by one of the symbols might mean a whole word, then with the development of writing one character has come to mean a style that made the writing more convenient to study.

Phoenician alphabet consisted of 22 syllables.He later reached and ancient Greece, where he has been greatly improved.It was the Greek alphabet was the basis for many European languages ​​and was used even in the Middle East.The advent of printing

Typography decided to attribute ancient China.According to experts of the printing of books in ancient China it began in the 600th BC.It was necessary to promote Buddhism.And initially it was printing, pieces.Reading only taught monks and children from the upper classes.

In Europe, came much later printing.Around 1300 AD.Its development has been hampered by the inaccessibility of the paper.Only in 1400 it was possible to print books in large quantities.And, as in ancient China, the books in Europe in the first place then were religious in nature.

It should be noted that throughout the world until the middle of the 19th century at Reading is a great rarity of the common people.Read in could mainly members of the nobility and the people of the highest levels of society.

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