How to read a lot ?

How to read a lot ?

The dynamically developing modern world, most people are always somewhere and something does not have time.Children really do not understand why you need to read a lot, and parents do not have time to explain the necessity of reading in human development.The habit of reading good books should be brought up from a young age.Modern teenagers prefer the cinema, although the best actors and vivid special effects are not able to convey the diversity of characters and intricate plot of many works.After all, the film lasts a maximum of two hours, and some of the books you can read all his life.

whole world around us - it is a huge system in which there are many other, smaller systems.Country, city, family, computer, flower, man, molecule - all these systems of various sizes and levels of complexity.Accordingly, the knowledge that we receive should be organized, in the future, you can easily find the information you need.That books are the key to create a database storage, and the person who reads a lot b

etter versed in the information jungle.These people achieve great success in their careers and personal lives.

Why read

To answer the question of why you need to read a lot, let's analyze the benefits that we bring the book:

  • organize information.Clearly the gradual disclosure of the matter in the books sharply dissonant with fragmentary knowledge that we draw on the Internet.Text book can be used for many years, while article found forgotten in a couple of hours.
  • deep opening theme.Books written specialists in their field who value their reputation and time.
  • reliability of the data.A professional will not distribute false information that would be an hour to increase the rating of its publications and websites often tell invented stories.
  • sources.In all the books there are references to other paper sources of information and referrals: threatened not result in the flow of spam.
  • unique advice.The writer tries to explain the structure of the world from the perspective of their knowledge, their thoughts and feelings.Usually the authors - a remarkable personality, have attained some success, which have a lot to learn.Therefore, the youth need to read, because the armed people's experience, we can avoid many mistakes.
  • The ability to dream.Books excite the imagination and help protect against cruelty and imperfection of the modern world.Expanding favorite novel, we are fully immersed in reading, oblivious to the surrounding gray.We toss our brain oven wood-thinking contemporary and ancient philosophers.

As cena

We hope you understand that reading books - entertains, teaches, giving spiritual food, makes us smarter richer and happier.Now let's look at how to learn to read a lot and always remember the old:

  • sure to tell others about what you read.
  • If while reading you mentally say the fact that the read or pronounce the words in a whisper - you greatly slow down the process of remembering and dissipates attention.
  • Record read.In the study of scientific or technical literature, you can not do without notes.
  • complex text better remembered in the morning, when the brain processes the information easily.But if a lot of books to read before going to sleep, can harm health and memory.
  • Discussion read is the "cement" to remember.In some countries the reading lovers are united in clubs, where share with each other their impressions from reading, personal opinions, give advice and tips on how to read a lot, and where to find an interesting book.
  • Before reading the works refer to the announcement or its critics.
  • create for themselves a comfortable environment for reading.Sit back, turn off the TV, turn on the light.
  • Train your peripheral vision, trying to reach the maximum number of words to look and not look back to read.

We hope that by using these tips, you will read a lot of books clever and good writers.And remember, people who do not read - stop thinking!