How to get an apartment ?

How to get an apartment ?

For the convenience of players quest OSPHow to get the apartment was divided into separate levels.The developers made sure that the browser does not hang, and the game brings only pleasure.Thus, the game - how to get an apartment, consists of a sequence of puzzles and puzzles that it will be easier to overcome with our tips.

In the game you will use the mouse.If the cursor changes to objects, they need you in the game.Yet there are hooks, which can be determined only in one way.You must select any item from the inventory to drive them on location.Habitual inventory - the lower part of the monitor.The main menu can be opened by using the Esc key.

How to get the apartment: the legend of the game

protagonist Sergei Zvezdunov at traffic lights entered the steep boar.His family did not become a place to live, and they agree on a new talk show "The war with its neighbors," which has to start on the path of discord and mischief.We suggest you familiarize yourself with the dirty tricks of the first two

levels, continue to play by inertia, using the clues in the game.

mischief in level 1 vs Andrew Muscled

  • Override diet pills and spanner.
  • Set frog on sport mat in the gym.
  • pinned to post a pancake, put the dumbbells on the punching bag.
  • Break treadmill simulator and a screwdriver.
  • in the shower pour oil on the floor.

mischief in the 2nd level Zvezdunov vs Schatz

  • Pour the alcohol into the jar with juice.
  • jelly put on attraction.
  • Fork spoil the gaming machine.
  • Put blade dealer in "Wheel of Fortune".

nasty 3 level Tanya vs Plumber Petrovich

  • Stick chewing gum on the player.
  • Use an iron chain on the toilet tank.
  • Liquid nails used in the bathroom.
  • Wild hamster reach via the gloves of the cage and put in a box with tools.
  • in the sink pour the yeast.

nasty 4 level Zakharovna Clara vs guitar rockers

  • in a barrel of beer to pour a liquid for cleaning toilets.
  • pliers applied to the electrical outlet.
  • On stage, put the guitar in a rack with cardboard guitars.
  • Improve screwdriver DJ booth.

There are still 11 levels that need to go, inventing new pranks.At the end of the game, you will see the most memorable moments of your virtues.