How to get married in Skyrim ?

How to get married in Skyrim ?

So much time and before that to get married and get married already, you can not just reality.It turns out that the popular computer games is not as dry and monotonous.Let's talk about one such game, and the possibilities of manifestation in her his love.It Skyrim.How to get married in this game?What do I need to have and how to get it?We read and build our family, gentlemen.

marriage in Skyrim: it is necessary to

To be able to make the wedding ceremony, you must have an amulet Mary, who have Maramaa.Find the tavern Riften the very Maramaa.Ask him to tell you about the goddess of love and marriage in Skyrim - about Mare.After this conversation, you will be able to purchase from Maramaa Mary amulet, or rather buy it for 200 gold coins.

way, if there is no Maramaa in the tavern, then look for it in the church of Mary in the same Riften.

In general, it is not the only way of production Mary amulet.Here are some options.

  • Passage quest "Book of Love" will receive an amulet for free.
  • In the temple Mary in Riften have priestess Mary - Diniya Ball, it can also give you an amulet.
  • between Rorikstead and Uaytranom (Whiterun) is Fort Greymur.You can cash in Mary amulet.
  • Amulet of Mara are some brothers of the storm.

How to marry: act

So, you have the Amulet of Mara in Skyrim.On whom you can marry?- I think the key question in everyone.The answer - any character who shows interest in you (Special dialog box).You can get married in Skyrim Lydia or other NPS, do the following thing.

dress up your love amulet and go to favorites (CB), enter into a dialogue with him.It must be the NPS, which has shown some interest in you as a person.Only dialogue will be a special option in the event of a possible development of relations.The conversation, however, quite dry and brutal.You may wonder if your chosen one is interested in you, well, just you get a request for a wedding.

Then go to the church of Mary, to clarify the upcoming celebration of the marriage at Maramaa.Remember that within 24 hours after the start of preparation, you will have a wedding ceremony.In order not to miss it for any reason, or not to be late, it is better to stay in the church of Mary.

After all you will only need to choose a place of residence.