How to understand the book ?

How to understand the book ?

authors of some books are used quite sophisticated style.Other books hard to take because of their large volume.Sometimes, reading a thick book, we find that in my head almost no important information.How to understand the book?To do this, not only love to read, but also possess useful methods of work with literature.Let

shall find once we compiled a list of interesting literature.To start reading the system should be slowly, gradually increasing the load.If there is no list, you can use a list of books from the curriculum.We draw up a new plan.So he became part of our lives, constantly keep before the eyes of the plan.Thus, gradually at first reading will become our habit, and then demand.First, the switch to the reading of works more prosaic.Beautifully decorated with a list of key figures and dates of books read will encourage us.Aims: to read, for example, to such and such a date a hundred books.We count the successes, draw graphics, put the birds.

are recorded in the local library, this is

where we find most of the books from the list.Choosing between reading on a computer, and "live", stop for a second embodiment, in particular, for reasons of preservation of vision.To no longer ask themselves, how to understand the book, we start reading the blog.While reading a serious book, write down the information from it such character:

  • goal, which the author has set itself;
  • principles on which it relied in his life;
  • facts confirming the commitment to these principles.

should not be afraid of the immense size of our list - the more books we thus recycled, the more will develop the ability to perceive and understand the essence of reading.

How to understand the book, and can tell comrade.Of course, we are discussing the most interesting places of the book with friends.Not to forget the very valuable thoughts and quotes, periodically review the record.We aim: to learn something new, concrete.Again, make plans, but now are making it a book, revealing a narrow selected theme.Self-hone skills in understanding the books and raise self-esteem.