How to read poetry ?

How to read poetry ?

One of the useful skills for each child - the ability to read a beautiful poem.Without this, it is hardly possible to obtain a major role at the matinee, or earn good grades in school.Therefore it is very important to tell the child how to read poetry.

Here are some rules that should be followed in order to master this skill:


  • Before you start reading is to make a small articulation exercises.It will help to develop and prepare the speech apparatus.Good fit exercises such as the "pendulum" (most put out language and move it from left to right), "Frog" (to make a broad smile with clenched teeth and hold it for about 10 seconds, repeat 2 - 3 times), "bud" (pulllips into a tube).
  • Try to cope with the excitement.A tremor in his voice and a lack of confidence is unlikely to decorate your presentation.
  • Reading the verse, it is necessary to understand and feel his essence.So you like yourself will experience the emotions that wanted to convey in his work by the author.

speed and cadence

  • Do not rush.Do while reading logical pauses, it will make it more expressive and accessible.
  • done correctly will help to stop the logical punctuation.They also point out what is needed in the sentence intonation.Remember that the point represents a big pause, comma - short and question marks and exclamation - an increase in voice intonation.
  • Pay attention to diction.Each word should be pronounced clearly, correctly and beautifully.Some words intonation should be combined into phrases, so it would sound more softly and smoothly.
  • If you need to learn a poem by heart, do it immediately with the correct intonation and tempo.To learn how you can learn a poem, you can read in the article: How to quickly learn the verse.
  • memorize verse is best before a mirror, so you will be able to control their facial expressions and gestures to add a little if necessary.

Remember that reading poems - is an art, and they need to master first.On the rules of the beautiful read any you liked the verse can be found here: How good read |Reading poetry.