How to record a demo ?

CS games Gamers often wonder about how to record a demo.For many, this is a problem.Private user simply will not be able to cope with this task.But if you follow the detailed instructions, such as this, you can get the real and complete record.

What is the record?

Why do you need to write it?But imagine that you're playing so cool, that already very afraid of their own professionalism.But then look at all the advantages impossible, and boast not work.But if you record the demo, you can understand all the pros and cons of his manner of playing.

Easy Way

There is a way that will tell you how to record a demo in COP easier.Only, unfortunately, this method has its drawbacks.For example, to view only the first person.But this recording method you need to know.The first thing required is to enter the "Console", there is need to write a "record" and the title of the demo.The second - to come into play.Click there shortcut «Shift + f2».A window appears in which you need to download the recording.

demo in CS 1.6

order to record demos in Counter-strike of 1.6, do the following procedure.This method involves the use of HLTV.This is a program that exists in the CS to record demos.But it is not easy for an ordinary recording using the program, but in order to capture their design strategies that no one has seen or knows.Recording is through HLTV is a professional, and not ashamed to show it to some serious team captain in the COP.

Before writing demo CS 1.6, you need to go to the startup file in the game.It is directly HLTV.the console will appear after launching the file, rather its semblance.This screen is to make a record: «record + recording name".If you want to record a demo, for example, has already posted on any server, do the following.Sign the HLTV the same, in the console Record: «connect + ip-address of the server from which the record and will be carried out."To stop recording after the completion of a phenomenal play on the same HLTV, you need to enter the «stop».Then the recording will stop and will be in the folder where you put it.Then you can put the video where necessary.

Recording FRAPS

There is a program, with which many gamers are not only in CS record demos.It is called «FRAPS».This is another effective way of how to record a demo in CSS.The first thing you need to do is download the program and install it on your computer.Download is free of charge at any theme site.After you download the program, install it.In principle, everything is clear in the program window.There are special features that allow you to adjust the expansion, in addition to this there is a folder (directory), which will expect their star all hours of recorded videos.The program supports the number of frames per second adjustment function, sound, special effects, recording, change the demo, everything you might need for recording and improve the appearance.

Prepare the sound recording, adjust the volume (Control Panel - Sounds and Audio Devices - Speech - Voice recording - Volume).So you can select the maximum volume or even mute.You can now go to the final stage in the preparation of the demo.Open the "Options" window.There's no need to put the "bird" near field "Advanced Settings".In those "parameters" enter the property where you have to choose the sound card.get the "Record" item in the same window.Put a "bird" near "Microphone" field.Now go in the game and record their brilliant demo!