How should I read ?

How should I read ?

In today's world to have the information means to be successful.It is necessary to constantly learn, quickly assimilate new filter right from the secondary.And all this - at a pace of high speeds and frantic pace of city life.

say, the human brain can recognize 1,000 words per minute - an enviable activity.But this ideal.But in practice, an untrained person could read this for a few thousand hours, returning to the written and trying to make sense expounded by the author.Especially if the sight of the technical literature.As it should be read to virtually increase the productivity of acquiring new knowledge?


speed First, you need to check your current reading speed.To do this, you need to take an ordinary book standard format (A5), not too thick.Pages should roll easily.The text should be artistic, continuously resides on the sheets, without images, graphs, tables, technical terms.To measure time using a stopwatch or timer.Read exactly one minute in its normal pace, as you are well versed

read.At a signal from the timer stops.Count the number of words you read.This will be your reading speed at this stage.

Speed ​​reading

In normal reading man pronounces to himself words, what significantly slows down the process.Try to learn a different technique.Do not try speaking the words to himself, and try to imagine mental images of what is described in the book.This text casts a glance, as if gliding over the center of the page from top to bottom.At the beginning of the exercise you will understand not all that is written.Still, try not to get bogged down in the pronunciation of the interior.Do not expect to get an instant.Exercising for half an hour several times a day, you will surely achieve success in a month.But your reading speed (and quality of perception of the text) will increase significantly.Read more about this method, refer to the material How to read well.

Useful tips

  • Take the most comfortable position for reading.The back should be straight, feet should not flow into the book - at a distance of up to forty centimeters from the eyes.
  • Concentrate on the subject material.Read the headlines and isolated places.Samples and pictures - obliquely.It also increases the speed.
  • When reading the correct breathing (deep and rare).Do not harbor breath or breathe too often mouth: the excitement is not conducive to the assimilation of the material.
  • Take small breaks in the reading.It is necessary to stand up, stretch, warm up, switch for a few minutes.

more about this in the article How to learn to read quickly.