How to read well ?

How to read well ?

«How nice to be able to read, it is not necessary to stick to my mother" - we were taught as a child and did not even know what to master a skill that distinguishes man from all other representatives of wildlife.Just the thing.As a child, we read a lot, revel in adventure, detective stories, novels, plays ... And then time becomes smaller, but the craving for reading unabated.Therefore it is necessary to know how well-read books that less time could be to read more books and to read the quality is not decreased.

fast reading technique

fast and qualitative reading technique is different from the usual reading of the degree of perception of the text.For example, during normal reading, we read words, sentences, slowly pronounces him inside her, at the same time to present its image if several images, combine them into a single thought and a single image, like looking through a movie in your mind.This is true and qualitative perception of information.But if you're wondering how to read better, faste

r to read all memorized, it will have to learn a completely different technique.When reading a book, newspaper articles, documentary materials, the textbook section, do not try speaking the words of text about yourself, try to imagine a picture of what is described in the text.Looks around the text, slide them from top to bottom on the page.You will see both the individual words in your mind a picture will begin to emerge.At the beginning of these exercises is not the whole point of reading will be thoroughly understood by you, do not expect instant results.If you persevere, you will understand how to better read the book, to do it quickly and understand the whole point of reading.

Reading poems

To understand how well-read poetry, it is necessary once again to recall the inner vision of what you are reading.Read one quatrain, I imagine his story, the action, which takes place in it.Line up video of this action in his imagination.Similarly, it is necessary to make all the quatrains.Once you are fully "see" the poem, it is much easier it will be possible to learn.If you are still worried, because you forget the verse text, video, built by you, will remember the words from anywhere on the product.By the way, this method, which tells how to learn to read poetry, will help you to do this very nicely with the actor's point of view, because it is based on it the art of recitation.Be sure to catch the rhythm of the poem, the alternation of stressed and unstressed syllables in words.Rhythm gives the opportunity not only to expressly recite poetry, but also to remember them quite easily.

Convenience reading

very important reading is to be in the same condition, in those circumstances, when the reading becomes very productive.Firstly, there must be silence, at least relative.Secondly, posture should be comfortable reading.Best of all, if the reading sit on a chair or in a chair.Lying read very harmful to eyesight, doctors say.The book should be at a distance of 30-40 cm from the eye.Lighting should be bright enough.In these circumstances, the meaning will be understood by reading and maximum recorded in the memory.And if we will fall an interesting book, then you very well understand how well know how to read!