How to earn in World of Tanks?

How to earn in World of Tanks?

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How to earn in World of Tanks?

Many players World of Tanks wish to earn gold in the game, without paying real money.Gamers from around the world want to get free Golden (English gold -. Gold), and they can do it.Not much, but at an additional slot in the hangar, a premium account on the day of or the removal of equipment to a dozen tanks will suffice.

Methods earnings Golda in World of Tanks

Three of the easiest and fastest way available to everyone:

  1. Change Password.Change the password of your account at and get 300
  2. Binding rooms.Tethering your mobile phone number to your account and rejoice replenishment account for 100
  3. Flight school.The player can spend gold, free experience and premium account in tanks worlds, military aircraft and ships.After training in World of Warplanes and get 50

overall result - 450

Golda How to earn in the World of Tanks in the competition:

  1. World War.Join a clan and play the "Global Map".Every conquered region brings commander Clan certain income.He can distribute it among the members of his team, and can leave everything yourself.It is therefore advantageous to create your clan or request to share the gold.In any case, without the ability to play well you have nothing to catch.
  2. Tournaments.Worldwide tournaments are held, and played in every prize pool.Of course, to win, you have to be a good player and be a good team.But this is an opportunity for those who have already tried his luck on a random Battlegrounds and knows the taste of big victories on the "Global Map".

How to earn World of Tanks in the "festive" days:

  1. combat missions.During the execution of combat missions in shares can I get credits, free experience, discounts, additional slots and premium appliances.The last two awards are usually sold only for Golden.
  2. sometimes holds contests of drawings, photos, quotes, videos and other things.There are seasonal summer contests like "sand tank," or winter "Tankovika", to participate in which to sculpt out of the snow sculpture of the tank.
  3. Drawings Golden.They are usually conducted by players who need to gain popularity, or companies with the support of well-known players.Some sweepstakes winners are determined by chance, in other remuneration received by the one who won in any discipline.
  4. bonus sometimes gives out bonus codes.They usually allow you to activate a premium account, so players collect as many Golda just for that bonus codes - the solution to their problem.When registering a new account, you can also specify an invite code, which will provide additional slots and a premium equipment.

How to make gold in World of Tanks through special services:

  1. example, you need to download and install the game and play up to level 10, with the result that you get a certain number of credits.According to the website the rate of 1000 credits = 718 Gold, and you can withdraw at least 145 izvedёtes until outplayed in all games offered for mere pennies.
  2. Avatar.Judging by the descriptions on the Internet, it's a cheat program, Screw gold.The consequences of the use of such programs, we are guessing.It never leads to good.

Should I use such services?The second - definitely not.First you can try, but saving money at the expense of a great time spent seems inappropriate.