How to earn gold in Avatar ?

How to earn gold in Avatar ?

The game Avatar has its own currency.It can make while performing different tasks.On the resulting gold can buy a house, things for the home or clothes for your character, as well as gifts to friends.That is why many fans of this game tend to become owners of the largest possible amount of money.To learn how to start making gold in Avatar, you can find below.

methods of earning gold in Avatar

There are several ways to earn gold in the game Avatar:

  1. succeeds in setting the school.For them, the player accrues from 1 to 3 coins.The final amount depends on the complexity of the exercise.
  2. Pass the exam successfully in school.It is necessary to collect the dough more than 275 points.Then as a reward you will receive 50 gold coins.
  3. Start twist in the game Wheel of Fortune.For each victory in it you will receive 3 gold coins.
  4. If you have the opportunity every day to go to the game, then use it to make money in Avatar.So, because you will be running it for 5 consecutive days, your balance enroll 1
    gold coin.If you are within 10 days will regularly go into the Avatar, you will get 5 coins.Those who will run the game for the crescent to become the owner of 7 coins.At the same time you do not need anything.Coins are paid only for the fact that you have started the game.
  5. In Avatar gold is also given for the execution of various tasks outside the school.With them you can find a list in the special section, which is called the "free gold".So, performing simple tasks, you will receive 1 to 2 coins, and for more complex accrued very large sums, so feel free to get down to them.
  6. If you have accumulated in the game Avatar voice, then you can use them to exchange for gold.As a rule, 1 vote issued 10 coins.However, the wholesale exchange operates a different course, so you can get more gold.

also get money you can for some work in the garden.Before you go there, you need to accumulate the maximum amount of energy.Then you will need to perform the following work:

  1. The first shift pour all the flowers in the garden.
  2. second shift destroy all annoying bugs that cause damage to plants.
  3. The third shift to catch the required number of butterflies.
  4. The fourth shift sprinkle the flowers.

For fruitful work in the garden, the player can get up to 500 gold coins.Therefore, to work it is always beneficial, but this will require a considerable amount of free time.