How to earn money in Perfect World?

How to earn money in Perfect World?

Perfect World - famous game that has gained worldwide fame not only thanks to its fun gameplay and a variety of characters, but also due to the fact that players can earn in this game is quite decent money.How to earn money?Perfect World allows you to make simple ways that more fully, we will tell you about.

first method.Pharm.

One, if not the easiest way to make money in Perfect World - the spectacle called "farm".Perfect World will tell how to make money, even those players who just started playing on the road.What is a farm?In order to collect trophies, including money, the player must kill monsters, the level of which is close to ours.As trophies can act and things, getting into the hands of the player, are valuable because they can be sold in a store or directly to those players who are interested in buying them.And to collect a lot of money by farming, it is necessary to spend at the computer a lot of time.In addition, this activity bothers their monotony.

pharma Another shortcoming - the

need to fix weapons.If time does not hand over their weapons to be repaired, it will fail, and then you will not be able to make money even in this way.Before you make in Perfect World, using the farm, we recommend to look for a special program robots that will work for you in the night or when you want a break from the game.That is, using these programs, you can greatly simplify your life.But the use of bots should be very careful, because they are forbidden by the rules of the game.As a result of detecting the bot, the player's account may be blocked.

second method.Farm dungeon

At its core, the second method is very similar to the first in its meaning.This is a dungeon pharma and XX, the essence of which is that you must go through those notorious places and get Gold forms, as well as ingredients for green weapons and armor.Once these items the player will produce, it can sell them quietly, and thus earn a certain amount of money.Only one should not forget about some of the pitfalls that accompany the player throughout the game.Before making in Perfect World this way, you must know that such a place in the game can take place alone only players with warrior status werewolf Drul, asasina and seeker.For everyone else, the game will be available in such places in the party, and things will fall very often.In general, it will take some time to earn a decent amount.Therefore, please note that the faster will find things only sluchpae when you lead in these locations adult life, pre-register in them.

The third way.His business

You can do business in Perfect World, leaving this occupation as the killing of defenseless animals.As the essence of any business, a business in this game is that you will need to buy things, to then sell them to other players for a totally different price.Of course, the difference between the purchase price and the sale price will be equal to your bottom line.But this method of earnings must have some capital.If you do not, then use the first and second way of earnings.Naturally, the ways to make this game a lot more, but we will describe the most basic options to profit from Perfect World.Good game!