How to download Sina ?

How to download Sina ?

Players in Perfect World prefer Assassin, "Sina" or "Asa" and consider the characters of this class excellent killing machines.Hasten, however, to break this myth: Assassin - beautiful PvP-class, can be good in the PvE, but the ideal becomes only those who know how to download Sina - have competent players.If you choose this class, you can be sure: you'll need a fast and accurate response, as well as an impressive combat experience.In addition, the assassin takes quite impressive infusion of funds, so be prepared.

Assassin - Kill Machine

Assassin primary weapon - a pair of daggers, simply - daggers.And as the armor they prefer, of course, light armor.Assassins - born killer with all the accompanying characteristics: an almost uncanny ability to hide from under his nose, to sneak a foot away from the object and suddenly attack him from behind.Because of this, instantly getting a huge advantage.Assassins are very agile, well shy away from hits and have a series of spells, which greatly increases t

heir chances of survival in extreme situations.Thus, the character of this class (if you know how to download Sina) is good to use in PvP battles, duels and single PvE game.

The unquestionable advantages of this class include:

  • DPS (the effectiveness of strikes, who do not know), is enormous due to the large number of different skills;
  • invisibility;
  • lightning attack;
  • high degree of fury at the expense of the same skills;
  • love of light armor, and she is known to be much less severe;
  • in PvP alone in 90% of cases have a right to a first strike;
  • have several options for stunning and euthanasia, as well as the ability to resist them;
  • skills are applied with the greatest distance that is at all possible in the game.

There are, of course, disadvantages that prevent, even if you know how to download Sina MF:

  • highly vulnerable due to the thin armor;
  • weak in massive PvP battles;
  • unable to resist a sudden attack;
  • have a low standard of health;
  • ineffective and therefore are not concerned with joint action group.

Downloading Assassin

deciding in the game Perfect World, how to swing Sina, is to follow the advice compiled by more experienced players:

  1. Do not chase, as the rock it harder and less sense for a heavy fighter skills.Spread on 4 points on the skill and the strength of 1, and all will be well.
  2. Choose light armor and do not forget about the Mirage on Health and sharp stones.This will significantly increase the ability to dodge and health level.The same must be prodelyvat and daggers.Sharpening and welded stones carried by the Trader NPCs that will significantly save money gaming.Buy amulets that increase agility and accuracy, and the rings that increase accuracy.
  3. Do not forget how to download Sina PV - Use Stones Learning in conjunction with the Secret Book at times increases the volume of the resulting experience.Going on the road, taking the Map of Life, which will help bring back the experience after death, and for complete peace of mind is worth taking more and scroll of life.
  4. Remember the important rule: cans to restore life and mana, to recuperate, not much happens in your inventory!By the way, a large amount of mana will also reduce the time for meditation.
  5. No less important point is how to download Sina is a long spike and Arkan Killer, so naturally, and they need to pump.Long Spike help lull the enemy, and then you can fill up and the life, and run back out, if necessary.Arcane Assassin also useful thing: it can be used for some time completely immobilize enemy.

Oh, and do not forget about the genie skills.It is useful to know in advance at high levels in the game Perfect World, how to swing Sina, as experience is very difficult to collect.