How can you call a game ?

How can you call a game ?

video game development - a complex process, long and laborious.Typically, this has been a team of specialists.Perhaps the first of what thinks any developer - is the name for the game.In this article we will give some tips on how you can call the game to make it easier to remember the name and further contributed to the growth of its popularity.

Ideas for inspiration

In order to come up with the name, use the following names:

  • Use the name in English.This name will be appreciated not only by your countrymen, but also residents of other countries, which will increase the game audience.
  • name must be neither too short nor too long.As a rule, 2-3 words for the name of the game is enough.So users of the game will be easier for him to remember and this will solve a lot of problems with optimization and web indexing.For example: "Glossy Dancer", "Moon Warrior".
  • name should be optimized for search.So try to think of a word or phrase that you type into a search engine link to your game to appear amon
    g the first search results 10-15.Otherwise, wishing to play your game just can not find it.Good examples of titles: "Metro Siberia", "Doodle Defender".
  • Use words with strong emotional charge.So once you attract the attention of potential players.If the name of your game is to attract attention, the likelihood that someone is interested and wants to know what is hidden under this name, has grown significantly.Example: "Pandemic" (Pandemic).
  • sure that was not it used your name earlier.If someone name of the game was already invented you previously used, try to pick up synonyms.
  • name should be easily perceived by the ear, and be simple in terms of spelling.Nobody likes the game, the name of which it is possible to reproduce correctly only 5 times.
  • The easiest and most effective way to call the game - is to come up with a new word for it.Try, for example, create a new word based on the Latin language.

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