What is a book ?

What is a book ?

Despite the fact that the world is actively developing and the game has excellent graphics and a variety of subjects, capture the market, people persist in reading books.Many convenience switched to e-books, using which you can read a work of literature is more convenient and faster.If you are an avid reader, you may face the problem of finding new interesting books, as much has already been read.In addition, the writers were so many that you do not know what kind of an interesting book to read, what to choose from the variety of literary works.

Which book is better to choose to read?It is very important in the selection of books mood or, say, a state of mind.We need to decide what you want, what genre you are attracted to, or in what style I would like to get a story.We offer you a list of modern books for different moods, which is worth reading.

George Martin - "A Song of Ice and Fire"

excellent series of books for fans of epic fantasy and serious.The vast universe filled with a variety of ch

aracters.One of those books that you understand that point of view on different events can not be completely objective.While reading, you can hardly predict what will happen on the next page.An exciting pastime is guaranteed.A list of books that have been published to date:

  • "Game of Thrones", 1996;
  • "Battle of Kings", 1998;
  • "A Storm of Swords", 2000;
  • "A Feast for Crows", 2005;
  • "Dance with Dragons", 2011.

in the future have to go out two more books: "The Winds of winter", 2015;"A Dream of spring", 2018. By the way, on the books filmed very high quality series that has a high rating.

Susan Collins - "The Hunger Games"

Fantastic trilogy, in which the popular novels one another.In the plot of a post-apocalyptic world on the former site of North America, which is immersed in a dystopia.Mass entertainment games are violent, who have their own no less brutal history.In this world it is prohibited to rebel and express dissatisfaction.Beggars the districts (which they divided the world in the book) fed capital, which brought together the representatives of the rich.The history of attempts to change the world begins when the main character Katniss is chosen to participate in the Hunger Games.


  • "The Hunger Games", 2007;
  • "Catching Fire", 2009;
  • "Mockingjay", 2010.

James Bowen - "street cat named Bob"

The book tells the touching story of a drug addict who has lost the meaning of life, and at the very moment he met his true friend, who helped to cope withproblems.This one turned out to be red cat.In a short time, the Internet has had time to get acquainted with a couple true friends from London.Also born a second book - "The world through the eyes of Bob the cat."

Colleen McCullough - "The Thorn Birds"

If you think about what you can read about the love of the book, safely choose this.It is unlikely that it can be called a modern product, because after all, it was written in 1977.Despite this, it is recommended to perusal.The Cleary family life center of the plot, made his way from the poor to the rich, the owners of Drogheda - one of the largest Australian estates.The book raises questions of love and fidelity, honor and principles.This is not an easy woman's novel is a story of family, particularly Maggie, who carries the love throughout his life.At the end of the reading you will rush sad and philosophical mood.

Dan Brown - "Inferno"

The novel is set in Florence.The plot of the book is interwoven with the plot of "The Divine Comedy" by Dante.The main hero stands Robert Langdon, a Harvard University professor who is the protagonist of the novel "The Da Vinci Code."Again, Robert must save the world by deciphering the line of immortal epic Dante.

Larsson - "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo"

Thriller Detective, that you either understand and adjust to the mood of the book, or start to read and close it.Peculiar, but no less interesting work about the girl and a journalist, who will understand the terrible old family history.There are more books about the adventures of Lisbeth and Mikael: "The girl who played with fire", 2006;"The girl who blew up castles in the air", 2007.

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