What books to read?

What books to read?

no secret that lately we have less and less time to devote to reading, although, of course, in vain.Books, as is known, the source of knowledge and storage of cultural heritage.Some of us love to read books.In reading, they plunged headlong into another world, an interesting and mysterious, learn a lot of new, expanding their horizons.Others, however, do not show any interest in reading.Though sometimes it happens that those who had never book something in his hands did not take, suddenly showing an interest in reading.And in this case, the question arises: what literature to read?Our review of the literature recommended for reading on the overall development, we can be divided into Russian and foreign.

Russian literature

In the world appreciated the great Russian literature.Read it can be at any age, both in school and in retirement, each in the same book will find something for themselves.

  • AS"Eugene Onegin," Pushkin.What we read it once deep in my childhood, at school, still about what does
    not speak.This work over the years, is perceived quite differently."Belkin" unfair malochitaemoe work of the great Russian writer.
  • MYLermontov "Hero of Our Time" with the meaning of work, relevant and to this day.
  • FMDostoevsky's "Crime and Punishment".This book is, perhaps, too heavy, however, in the light of modern days very interesting.Eternal values ​​has not been canceled.
  • LNTolstoy "Anna Karenina."This plot is interesting to many filmmakers, the story of the tragedy of a married woman, it throws between family and love will never lose relevance.
  • Sholokhov "And Quiet Flows the Don".The product, of course, rather big, but exciting.The tragedy of the Civil War events in the breaking of a family tragedy will touch even the most hardened, contemporary reality, the heart.
  • M. Bulgakov "The Master and Margarita."This novel is adored by many.He read several times, and with each new reading opens up new, unexplored facets of the work.If you've never picked up a "Master and Margarita", then by all means read, it is unlikely you will regret it.

What literature to read contemporary authors?Modern Russian literature is also rich in names: you can read the Strugatsky brothers, Akunin, Pelevin, Tokarev and many others.Their books, in abundance, both in bookstores and libraries, and the Internet.By the way, today is very fashionable to read contemporary literature, and if you want to pass for a modern intellectual, then do not neglect reading.

Foreign literature

If everything seems to be clear to the Russian authors, from the foreign literature is much more difficult.We know little of foreign classics, except Shakespeare.For educated people, it is extremely important foreign literature, read it today, even very prestigious.What to read?

  • If you have never interested in foreign works, you should start with the classics: Salinger "The Catcher in the Rye," Maugham "Theatre", George Bernard Shaw, "Heartbreak House".What can we say about Stevenson, Dumas and Jules Verne?Once upon a time we all grew up on their works.Jolly spirit of adventure and travel so touched the hearts of young readers.
  • Maupassant and Balzac, too, stand to read it.Their work is not only about France of that time, they describe human relationships in all their realism.
  • Also good classic foreign famous detectives recognized geniuses of the detective genre: Arthur Conan Doyle with his Sherlock Holmes, Agatha Christie and Poirot and its more modern Sidney Sheldon.
  • Among contemporary authors today everything read Paulo Coelho and Haruki Murakami.Their novels are full of deep meaning and philosophy, but, despite this, terribly popular among young people and among the adult population of our planet.

If you decided to seriously take up the self, then you will certainly be aware that you need to be sure to read books.Literature does not simply describe interesting moments, it analyzes what is happening, passing events through the prism of eternal values.And therefore its role in the upbringing and education can not be overestimated.Read and gain wisdom.