How to set up a checkpoint in street racing ?

How to set up a checkpoint in street racing ?

Most of the players who have just signed up for a game VKontakte "street racing - real street racing," do not know how to do CPR setting, our article will help you in this.

PPC - the acronym that stands for the "Garage" section of Configure the PPC for the game can be in the game "Menu".All future changes will be made here.

Setup PPC

  1. To start a PPC setup go to street racing game.
  2. buy your favorite car.
  3. purchase goes to the garage, which offers to take the test.
  4. Test the car.
  5. the menu "Garage" item becomes available checkpoint.Click on it with the mouse.
  6. All vehicles initially have the default settings according to which all the levers are left.
  7. translate them to the right and re-test.
  8. To understand exactly which settings are necessary for your car, you need to drag all of the proposed options in turn.
  9. If during the race did not come out arrow above the red line - everything is good, if the line is broken - we continue to work with the settings.


  1. settings Adjustable strips, starting with the most recent, and move one space.
  2. produce test after each change.
  3. If the last speed to move on a few points, and the previous speed does the same.
  4. PPC settings correct if the arrow during the race out of the optimum line at the counter and held there until the until the car came to the finish line.If this does not happen, then all the settings right.
  5. first gear set up on acceleration.
  6. remaining transmission tune to the desired speed.

there is no single CAT settings for all vehicles.They all depend on how far the car goes and how it horsepower.Every time you pumped your own transport, you need to look at his new functions and the rated wattage.

With each level opens up new opportunities for the earned money you can buy a more powerful and modern equipment.Keep track of all the settings before the race.

Now you know how to properly set up a check point on racing cars street racing in order to achieve the best results.By following these simple steps, you can become a winner without any problems.