How to transplant the crew ?

How to transplant the crew ?

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How to transplant the crew?

game World of Tanks is gaining momentum in popularity.Players participate in military battles, moving at different tanks, develop skills, buy new equipment and transplanted with the tank on your tank crews.Nevertheless, the issue of the transplant team has its own nuances due to the specifications of existing restrictions and specializations tank.In this article we'll show you how to transplant the crew as efficiently as possible, without losing the extra resources and expertise.If you have just learned the basics of the online game, you will also be interested in the article How to play World of Tanks, which gives practical advice for novice players.

Goals transplant crew fighting machine

Basically, do it in two different situations:

  1. Players with premium tanks want to use them for training its crew;
  2. Gamer pumps your new tank, then transplanted to the units with the old and less powerful tools for new equipment.

Do not forget that there are certain restrictions under which the crew transplanted into another tank or you can not lose because of this experience.Thus, the crew with the tanks of one nation can not be transplanted in the tanks of another nation.It is also not possible to retrain professional one area to another specialization.However, on this WoT developers are now working and the situation may change.

Steps transplant tank

So, you have purchased new equipment and now you want to transplant the world of tanks crew on her.What you need:

  1. Planted with old tank units by pressing "landed" on your technique.If you want to plant a particular crew member, click on the left mouse button and it landed in the barracks.If you wish to sell your tank, all crew members must be converted into barracks;
  2. To add a unit in a new tank in the press box at the tanker expertise available in your list.In the absence of the right member of the crew will have to do the recruitment of a new tanker;
  3. Now the main task - retraining."Retrain" button will be available if at least one tanker is no specialization to manage the new tank;
  4. better retrain tankers alternately and separately, otherwise the experience may not be distributed the way you want it, and some units will have not the level of pumping.Click on their "private affair" and go to the "Learning" menu.After switching to "Current Tank" and choose the level of - 50, 75 or 100%.Now click on the "Train" button.

Note that transplanted crew without loss of experience is possible only in the case where the transfer is carried out at a premium tank.It is perceived as a tank similar level to the previous technique, because of what the experience is not lost.In all other cases will have to retrain.

Small tweaks training

After receiving the 6th level of the crew will be skills.Experience gained in the fighting, are used for retraining, obtaining 100% of skills without the cost of gold.

To do this:

  1. Go to the personal file, the ability to reset, using silver (it will lose less experience);
  2. Go to the menu Training and retrain units for silver.If you experience a lot, you will receive your tanker highly specialized 100% without gold cost.