How to give the tank ?

How to give the tank ?

game called World of Tanks today has already become a cult.Tank battles, pumping arms, the ability to chat with friends, make allies.In combination with excellent graphics it creates a stunning online game project.If you're just going to start to conduct military actions in the game, in materials such as pump tank you will find a lot of useful information for yourself, which will help to develop a fighting machine and defeat the enemy.

One of the most interesting and convenient functions of the game is the ability to make gifts to friends, so in this article we'll show you how to give your friends a tank, in order to strengthen their arms.

Hangar and premium store

Often found on the forums questions gamers who are trying to figure out how to give the tank out of the hangar and what actions need to be taken.In fact, the answer is simple - nothing.While in WoT does not provide such a function, but perhaps the developers reflect on this question in connection with increased user interest in this i


Therefore, in order to give the tank a friend, the player will have to take advantage of the premium shop.In it you will find a huge range of different levels of technology.Choose is from what.In particular, if you are well versed in the game, and the merits of various tanks.

Note prices in the real store, you have to pay will have real money.Many people complain about the high cost of such gifts, but do not deny yourself the pleasure to please friends.Add that together with the purchase of the tank and the player gets game gold.It is very important because it gives the opportunity to buy other tanks and the crew's ability to develop.

Guide for Buying a tank

The game world of tanks Tank give his companion, you can use the following steps:

  1. Start or replenish existing Qiwi Wallet or Yandex;
  2. Visit the official website of the game and log in by entering your email address and password;
  3. Click on your username, and then see the section with the Premium shop;
  4. Meet offers an assortment of military equipment.Once decided on the gift, click on the selected tank;
  5. Now you need to decide exactly who designed the tank.You can buy it yourself, a friend or a teammate;
  6. made your selection, click on the System icon, through which you can make a purchase in semi-automatic mode;
  7. Click on the "Pay" button and follow the payment instructions that you will receive an e-mail.

If all steps are performed correctly, then you can give a friend a tank after the payment of the initialization procedure.