Is it better to read?

Is it better to read?

man picks up a book for different reasons.But mostly by reading the information we receive.In addition, we believe that reading a book smart, we will become better, smarter, more aware.In today's world, a huge number of books available to man, but it is impossible to read them all.How not to get lost in this diversity and that it is better to read?

purpose of

Reading First you need to define the purpose of your reading - you just want to get information or to have fun?Find out in the store or on internet forums which books are now the most fashionable and popular.However, it is likely that after reading the well-known one-day book, you'll forget it in a month.What books to read better, to get better?Smart people usually choose intellectual literature.However, to master it - a serious work.If we talk about the news, then with their help, you just get timely information, but it does not make you wiser.Consider the very different types of books that can be recommended for reading.


value of these books is that they develop a person's curiosity and encourage the study of new areas.By reading such literature can develop their intuition and the ability to justify its specific facts.


Many philosophical books are hard to understand, so an inexperienced person it is best to begin with a study of the parables, for example, from the collections of Anthony Melo, and then you can proceed to more complex texts.You can read books and religious, that encourage to look at how our world is arranged on the other side.


reading such literature, a person expands their consciousness, develops imagination, increases intelligence.This is not surprising, because a serious book based on psychology, history and philosophy.Qualitative literature written an interesting language, and it helps to improve the accuracy of the presentation of his own thoughts.


good verses to read not less useful than philosophical treatises or serious fiction.In poetry many hidden meaning.The feelings that arise after reading it, to describe in simple terms is difficult.In addition, reading the verses, you can improve your own eloquence.

What to read

children Even children read a good novel, we certainly do not advise.For young readers a proven option would be a fairy tale and children's classics.Stories about animals will help to develop the emotional quality of the book will be useful also for the development of memories and poems to memory development.You can consult books such as "Animal World" Igor Akimushkin, "Shoo and two portfolio", "Brownie Kuzma" and others.

What to read

teenagers Teenagers are advised to read intelligent books to help choose their own path in life.For example, you can read Dale Carnegie.His books help to manage people, to be a good boss, and so on.

Useful there will be a book about the psychology of the rich people, because it prevents the emergence of a correct concept of money, the value of which is now too overrated.To understand the psychology of society, to the reading of recommended books "Dead Souls" and "Woe from Wit".

Everything we advise is only general recommendations, but only you can decide for yourself what the book will be a useful and interesting for you.

you the best books to read online, on paper or in electronic reader.Read the book, because it is one of the most useful lessons!