What are people reading ?

What are people reading ?

Despite the widespread belief that today people read less than before the advent of the Internet, this statement is not entirely true.In search of new and useful information, ideas, inspiration, memories people will turn to a variety of print media or electronic files.Some books help replenish the necessary knowledge in the professional field, the other to "unload" the brain after a hard day's work.No, you are not wiser by reading the huge number of books, but the risk is extremely high.

man who loves to read books most of them looking for what he lacks in real life, or the book accurately reflects what is going on his life and his soul.

Also, reading - is learning, education, reinforcements and more comprehensive development of existing knowledge.Various publications have links to various historical facts, scientific discoveries, and other necessary information, and requires the reader's understanding, comprehension, working senses and the mind.

Reading books helps a person to educate themselve

s, to open new horizons for themselves, justify their point of view and learn to express and defend their point of view.

makes a person to ask and seek answers to questions such as "Who am I?What do I want from life?How the world works? ".Finding answers to these questions helps a person learn to understand themselves, to understand their actions, desires and feelings, and to understand other people.

What newspapers and magazines today read

Various publications - this is one of the most popular and common sources, containing social, news, analysis, advertising, information.A man reads a newspaper to obtain the necessary information on various issues in a condensed form.Plus a variety of print media that can be read in almost any location and at any time, on vacation, in transport, in a break with a cup of coffee, etc.

According to research by Ex Libris, the Russian subscribers are especially popular following media:

  • in the segment of "mass (popular) Newspaper" are very popular Arguments and Facts "," Komsomolskaya Pravda "," Moskovsky Komsomolets "," Life ""Moskovsky Komsomolets", "Express Gazeta", "Metro", "Arguments of the week", "World news," "Your day";
  • in the segment of "Business newspaper" popular "Vedomosti", "News", "Kommersant", "RBC Daily», «The Moscow Times», «Russian business newspaper», «The St.Petersburg Times »;
  • according to statistics in the segment of "Social - political newspapers' readers buy" Nezavisimaya Gazeta "," Novaya Gazeta "," Beep "," Novye Izvestiya "," Tribuna "," Work "," Parliamentary newspaper ";

Among magazines in Russia successfully use: magazine about club culture "of DJ Culture" youth magazine, "You - the leader", "Bachelorette party", a men's magazine «Men`s Health», monthly magazine "Caravan of stories" scientificpopular magazine "Science and life", "Lisa" women's magazine, etc.

As people read

As you know, progress is not in place, and if the day before the book can be read only on paper, but today is already possible options: any book, any genre and in any format can be downloaded to a computer ordownload to your PDA, as well as possible to please your ears pleasant baritone announcer that clearly and expressively reads you a story.The choice of data carrier is entirely dependent on the habits, preferences and psychological characteristics of the reader.

According to the rating the most read books by the end of 2012 they sent trilogy "The Hunger Games", "Watch" Lukyanenko, "Delirium", "Pandemonium" Lauren Oliver, "Postcards from the world" Franco Arminio, "remain to winter" ShaneJones, "50 shades of gray", "On the 50 shades darker" ELJames, "Wuthering Heights" Emily Bronte, "Premonition end" Julian Barnes, "Ubyr" Naila Ismailova, "you against me" Jenny Downham, "Waffle Heart" Mary Parr, "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo," Stieg Larsson, etc.