What can be interesting to read ?

What can be interesting to read ?

Winter cozy evening over a cup of tea, there is no occupation more relaxing than a stay in an easy chair with an exciting mind and soul of the book.The main thing is to choose it right - and we will try to help.So, what can be interesting to read?

Stephen King "Joyland"

new novel by the famous author has found a warm response from the majority of his fans.Roman quickly captivate you and will bring in Joyland - amusement park, where a student earns Devin Jones.There is an atmosphere of fun, all around the bright and festive, but it's only a facade.If you dig deeper, you'll find a lot of secrets, intricate stories and even unsolved murder of a young girl.This tightens Devin: he will look into the past and unravel the thread of mysterious events.

Sergei Lukyanenko "Sixth Watch"

Are you familiar with the world of the Watches?Certainly yes - book series began publication in 1998, he has collected millions of fans (and not only in Russia and the CIS, but also abroad).So, Sergey Lukyanenko released

"Watch the sixth."This time you re-encounter with the other, which will create a new Watch, able to protect the planet from impending danger.

Katherine Boo "In the shadow of eternal beauty"

book is written by a professional journalist.She spent three years living in India.This book - a full immersion in the poor neighborhoods of Mumbai.Here - not a fairy tale, but the real lives of real people who are struggling every day to survive and bread.It is unlikely that the book will leave you indifferent.

James Bowen "street cat named Bob"

This book introduces the ordinary musician playing on the streets of London.And yet - with the cat Bob, who was able to change the life of a musician.History written and easy language to read it - a pleasure.

Anna Gavalda "Yang"

new novel by Anna Gavalda - about life, just like her other books.It tells about a young man whose name is Ian.He works at the store, as the work of his artistic profession has not yet found.Yang is not quite satisfied with his life.One day he meets a neighbor and his family, and this gives rise to change.

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