How to raise efficiency in World of Tanks?

How to raise efficiency in World of Tanks?

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How to raise efficiency in World of Tanks?

Game World of tanks is very popular in the world, especially among the Russian-speaking community of gamers.A game about fighting tanks conquered many minds.However, gamers have as normal casual players and professionals who demand statistics of wins and losses, the efficiency of the account and the opportunity to participate in competitions.Such players are often looking for ways to improve their efficiency in the game.

about how to raise efficiency in World of Tanks, we will discuss in detail.

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How to raise efficiency in tanks

First of all, you must choose between two options:

  1. Raising the efficiency of the new only to create an account.
  2. Or raise the efficiency of the old account.

all depends on your attachment to your account and the number of fights played.Naturally the old account where Online Time more tha

n thirty thousand battles, raise efficiency will be virtually impossible.Therefore, if you are not afraid to start over, you should create a new account and start is not easy.

Below are helpful tips on how to raise the efficiency in wot.

Buying WOT premiumnyh technology

first step is to buy a great technique to rapidly wind the experience and efficiency.Suitable for the purchase of a premium tank eighth level on which you have already had experience of the game.

This technique helps in upgrading and further development in the field of powerful technology.This tank will save you from problems with the silver and the free experience, which will allow to pass a trifle 3-4 level, because you will have a strong level of damage and protection.Killing a trifle, you can get a lot of silver with the equipment to them.

Installing mods on WOT

You should always set before the battle on the skin penetration area, allowing the enemy to find weaknesses.Also, skin show, and your weak points that will give you the ability to hide them behind obstacles in combat.

Over time, thanks to the skins will be to learn to shoot accurately in the weaknesses of the various tanks, which will accelerate progress and will play more professionally.

You can also set different modes for ease Olenemetra games like that will know who is playing and how to adjust the fighting.Do not put a fashion that greatly will boot the computer.Usually this kind of fashion minimap and ENT.

View details about the modes here.

Do not think that fashion puts the player who can not play.The majority of professionals is almost a full range of different mods for a successful game.

should also be remembered that even at a loss will be billed a good efficiency, if you grab the correct flags and deal damage.Mode in this case will help significantly.

Game Settings to raise the efficiency

No matter how powerful your computer, you must install the game settings so that there is no lag, brakes and other unpleasant things that interfere with play and gain efficiency.

You can also use the programs which give a good gain FPS.For example, Auslogics program.

It is also clear game modes Sturm, meeting engagement and confrontation.They are too unpredictable.Standard Play mode and turn off the buildup in sniper mode.