How to buy the incentive ?

How to buy the incentive ?

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How to buy the incentive?

few years ago Steam was just a program to run a specific set of developer Valve games.This client helped to launch and customize the game to work online and also allows players to communicate in a variety of chat rooms.Today, Steam has become a full-fledged online store where you can buy a lot of different games, as well as patches and additional materials for them.Service online shopping is very convenient, because for the purchase you do not need to leave the house.When you buy the game, it will be a few minutes later downloaded to your computer and you will be able to plunge into an interesting adventure.

Buying games in Steam

So you've heard a lot of good reviews about Steam, your friends said that there are often discounts on popular games, and some can be downloaded for free at all.It is logical that you decide to join the huge number of Steam users around the world, to always have access to the most interesting gaming titles.

Steam On general principles of work you can find in the article How to use Steam.We'll show you how to buy the incentive.

  1. First of all, you need to register.This is a must, without which the buying games at the store is impossible.
  2. After registration it is desirable to immediately download the client Steam and install it on your computer.Download games, programs and various materials to them made it through the Steam client.
  3. Next, select the game that you like.In the online shop of the game distributed by genres and categories: free, news, popular, game discounts and so on.
  4. open the page with the game, you will see several demos showing the gameplay, and below them the "add to cart".
  5. you can add the game to your cart and continue shopping or go to the basket for the purchase of the selected game.
  6. in the basket, you can choose to buy the game for yourself or as a gift.In this case, you get the game for themselves, so press the appropriate button.
  7. Select your preferred payment method.For example, consider a payment via Webmoney.Choose this payment system from the list.
  8. confirm your country of residence and click "continue".After that you will proceed to the next page where you can see the results of your order and the final amount for payment.Check the box next to "I accept the agreement subscriber Steam" and go to the site Webmoney fast payment.
  9. Then fill in the information that you see on the Webmoney fast payments page, or select a payment method via Webmoney Keeper.Select your version of the program.
  10. further payment procedure is standard.Through the system of rapid payment you will be asked to enter the password from the purse to confirm the payment.If you pay through the Keeper, you just come through, which you can pay via the program.
  11. At the end of the game payment will be available in your Steam account and you can download it via the Steam client.

Now you know how to buy the game to the incentive.For more information on purchases by other payment systems can be found in the article How to buy the game in the "incentive" (Steam).