How to get free games in the steam?

How to get free games in the steam?

Games Steam network offers the user a lot of different games from indie games to large projects.However, prices are satisfied is not many, at the same time, piracy fans are now getting smaller.The question of getting games for free incentive is still relevant.Is it real, and how to get free games to Steam?We consider a purely legal ways of obtaining the games, without stealing accounts.

purchase games via other sites

  1. To start, go to TremorGames site has a lot of games, which are also sold in Steam.
  2. Pass registration (it is required, but does not take long).
  3. Once you pass the registration, will be enough to enter the site under your login and password and start receiving special codes are not required.Once
  4. go into your account, you will see in the upper right corner of the plate with «Your coins» inscription (your coins).This is a special currency that was created within the site to buy games.Typically, the new user is given twenty coins.
  5. Click on the link «Get coins» (get coi
  6. On the site there are two basic ways to earn coins: writing reviews on games and watching videos.The first method is very time-consuming, because in addition to moderation of comments, the user must write not less than fifty reviews to afford to buy a game that is popular.
  7. During movie playback you will also be charged the coin.This review is not required to leave.For each view you get five or more coins.
  8. When you collect enough coins, go to the tab «Buy items».Here you can buy any available game for you.
  9. After purchase you will receive a key which must be entered into Steam for the game.

Subscribe to Steam

Each user consoles and PCs can carry out a subscription.It would seem that this method can not be called free, but it is thanks to the subscription, which is much cheaper than almost any game or the incentive, the user may receive one of five free games to choose from every month.Thus, we have easy and guaranteed to get the game on Steam.

Participation in the online distribution of

Sites such as allow anyone who wishes to become a member of the distribution of games.However, specifically for the site should take into account that the number of games you have purchased the incentive should be more than a hundred.Otherwise, you will need to get an invitation from the already registered in the participant's site.To get the opportunity to participate in the hand, do the following:

  1. After registering, go to the list of hands.
  2. you see the game, the distribution of which is at the moment.
  3. To participate in the distribution, you will need a special currency - coal.It can be obtained on site by simply being a long gold, which is prepared for real money is also on site.
  4. If you have the required amount of coal, just click "Participate in the hand."
  5. winner is determined automatically.

Participating in beta tests

on site Steam users often offer participation in the beta-testing games that are ready for release.Anyone who wants to try himself in the role of the tester must register published on the Steam website project from game studio.If you are lucky, you will become a party to the test and get a free game after testing.Note, however, that to get the game will only be a few months later.

Participation in competitions

Many gaming sites hold contests, prizes, which are games on Steam.As a general rule, to win the competition you need to dial a certain number repost page.However, there are also other conditions, for example, writing an interesting article or answers to questions from the development team.Very popular competitions on kopsleyu game universes.