What to read , so as not to come off ?

What to read , so as not to come off ?

often want to immerse themselves in the exciting and magical world of books and not be distracted for anything else.Of course, many examples of classic, amazing skill and a deep sense of artistic narrative can be considered mandatory to read, but sometimes you want it exciting plot and a non-standard endings.Therefore, if you do not know what to read, so as not to come off to the last page, we offer you a list of the most interesting books that are read in one breath.

For fans of "sharp little"

fans of detective stories always need a sharp plot and the original interchange.It is for them the following list:

  • "Shutter Island," Dennis Liheyna.The mysterious disappearance of a hospital for the criminally insane patients "Eshklif" leads to the bailiffs.But soon the island, where the hospital is cut off from the world because of the hurricane.This turn of events gradually contributes to the understanding of one of the police officers, that everything is not as it seems at first ...
  • "unknown number" of John Verdon.A psychological thriller, full of mysterious crimes that have to solve together with the author.This exciting game will not tear myself away from the book, as long as it will not be read.
  • "Silence of the Lambs", Thomas Harris.The legendary story of the strange relationship gourmet-eating and at the same time fine psychiatrist Hannibal Lecter and the FBI agent Clarice Sterling.Even if you've seen a sensational film based on the novel, the book also give you a lot of pleasure.
  • "Misery" by Stephen King.The terrible story of the writer, who will of fate was in the hands of mentally ill women - the fans of his novels.The book keeps the reader in suspense until the last page.

books that can be read in one night

If you like to spend sleepless nights reading fascinating stories, then this list is for you:

  • "The Shawshank Redemption" by Stephen King.Kkniga about will power, an interesting story of life and escape from the place where it seems impossible.
  • "The Thirteenth Tale" Diane Setterfield.Gothic manor, shrouded family secrets, the constant feeling of mystery and puzzles, clever plot twists and even the presence of ghosts - all this does not let you go until you reach the last page.
  • "35 kilos of hope" Anna Gavalda: like all the works of the author, this little novel is easy to read and in the same breath.A good story of a teenager, which is transmitted through the power of love and loyalty, the importance of life choices and to overcome the difficulties.Recommended reading for both children and adults.

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