How to get to the bunker ?

How to get to the bunker ?

Fallout New Vegas is one of the most entertaining games.Its attractive feature - the presence of several variations of the game story.You have the opportunity to receive a variety of jobs that depend on the number of players invited by you.In this project, the characters themselves are invited to perform certain quests and go to different places.You can not get into the hopper without assistance.Before you get to the bunker, some conditions must be met.

Quest: bunker remaining (New Vegas)

So, you were given the task: to visit any shelter, and you have no idea how to get into the bunker left, for example.First, we need to move your character, as well as his companions (if any) from the place where the quest received.Your character should be at the entrance to the right of asylum.To get there you can use the card, which is integrated in the "Pip-Boy" of your character.Press the Tab key and click on the indicator «Data» (key F3).Go to the item "World Map", and begin to look at our map marker, which

allocated the necessary shelter.cursor to click on it and confirm the movement (agree to move the character).

Before that you were not in any of the shelters, then move your hero at once to the door just will not work.The map will be shown only to his whereabouts.And the option that permits the movement, will not be available.In this case, select one of the most convenient locations (it should be near to your destination) and to move the character and his friends.When choosing a location, we should not forget the attitude of the hero of the faction on whose territory you are going to move.If "Cast Away," the reputation of the character, then once on the selected location, your character immediately comes under fire all local residents.

Turning to the closest point to the desired shelter, the rest of the segment of the path will have to be done on foot (if you can not immediately get into the right place).During this transition it is necessary to use the pedestrian roads.The safest routes pass it on them.Given that many of the shelters are located far from the road, you need to be ready for a meeting with a gang of looters (3-5 pers.) Or mutated animals.Such a meeting is possible in the selected area of ​​the road and the entrance to the desired haven.In the course of the movement can reconcile its direction to the destination.To do this, check with the mark on the compass (lower left corner of your screen).

When you got to the bunker entrance, we can assume that you have almost completed the quest (the remaining bunker New Vegas).Now we need to aim and click English.letter E. Thus, you open the door.But there is one thing - the entrance to the bunker number 13 is only possible by means of a separate control, which is to the left of the shelter.The same remote control you use when leaving our warehouse after complete the task.

As you can see, nothing complicated to find in Fallout New Vegas bunker that you asked - no.A little patience and you can achieve your goal.