What is currently reading ?

What is currently reading ?

Some schools can observe the reader boom series of books by Stephenie Meyer "Twilight" and, respectively, for all her subsequent books.In «USA Today» opinion, the book topped the list of best selling books in the last decade.And what about the other works of art?

most popular book

What books are now read?The first ten places on the list of the book took only three authors.1st place - "Twilight", 4th place - "New Moon", 9th place - "Dawn" (author - Stephenie Meyer);book JK Rowling "Harry Potter" took the 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 seats;Dan Brown's book "The Da Vinci Code" took 2nd place.

All these books for some time caused a real stir.Over the past few years it has been popular as the book "Loneliness in the network" Janusz Vishnevsky, "Bury Me Behind the Baseboard" Paul Sanaeva on it even staged in the theater and made a movie recently released in rent.

is also worth noting that now read such works, which became known only recently.This book by Chuck Palahniuk, author of "Fight Club" and many of the

works of Bernard Werber.

Today, with respect for books by Paulo Coelho, as well as the fantastic book "Metro 2033" and "Metro 2034".As strange as it may sound, but in our time of rapid development of technology and electronics reading books is catching on.So fashionable people should read books.

What it is now fashionable to read?As such, the "fashion" of the book is difficult to call, even fashionable to read books, but have read that - it's someone like that.

Most Discussed writers

To maintain a conversation about literature in any society, it is necessary to take note of some writers, of whom you often hear in his social circle.Check out their creativity and better and biography.Now the popular Max Frye and Boris Akunin.On them you can talk in any society, is often mentioned in such conversations and Tolkien.In general, choose fiction needed by your social circle.If you are communicating among teenagers or young people, then read Lukyanenko, Pelevin and other visionaries.They are more likely to read the young man.Girls are usually addicted to Russian literature, which is present in the school curriculum, as well as Fry, Akunin and poetry of the Silver Age.

If your environment is the literary intelligentsia, then ask them what books are now read.In these circles, Albert Camus discussed today, Erich Maria Remarque, Jane Austin and Terry Pratchett.But in an intellectual literary society can always talk about the classics of Russian literature.Sure, you have to understand the authors such as Chekhov, Dostoyevsky, Lermontov and Gogol.Interest readers attracted Strugatsky brothers and Pelevin.All circles are always fashionable to discuss "The Master and Margarita."This book can discuss more than one hour, and in general it's worth it to read it, and not one time.

How long writer is fashionable?

Fashion writers eventually forgotten even his loyal readers, although at one time enjoyed great popularity.Why is this happening?Maybe because in order to maintain its status of a fashionable writer must constantly issue new creation, as is well known, in this case the main thing is not the number but the quality.Although there are exceptions.For example, many of the classics of our literature were popular and fashionable among his contemporaries.So if you decide to read a book, but do not know which to choose, select a book, time-tested, will not lose for sure.

According to statistics results, after 25 years people are beginning to re-read the classics of Russian literature.Before this age young people are more interested in educational books, programming, website development, optimization, how to build your business, and the like.Students interested in modern authors, which often make films, as well as the curriculum.But classics will always be read, it's a classic.

Parting words for all lovers of reading

In our twenty-first century will not be afraid to stand out for their love of reading books, is on the contrary a very exciting and fashionable pastime.So you expand your horizons, vocabulary, you will always be interesting to talk to.Reading books - it's great.

Modern man often shrugs off reading books excuses like "no time", "I'm very busy," etc.But others find the time to read, because they want to.They read in the trains, in parks, in the breaks between lectures, the main thing - just to have the desire.Read on, because reading is important to the horizon!