How to pump a tank ?

How to pump a tank ?

If you are just starting to play this online - the game like World of Tanks, you have surely required to find the function of improving equipment performance.In common parlance it is called a pumping tank.You can gather enough information about the pumping tank.One of the most reliable sources of such information may be considered the game World of Tanks official forum.There you can find plenty of examples of how quickly pump the tank and develop branches of tanks to the highest possible level.

types of tanks and directions of development

The first thing you should do - is to decide on the type of branch development tanks.The term "branch development" means the technique of the Soviet Union, Germany, USA, France, Great Britain and China.Before you pump the tank, you need to choose what games you preferred tactics, for example, by the technique of the Soviet Union, note that tanks are armored, heavy enough and will give in the tanks of its class in the pointing accuracy and speed.Selection of bra

nch development is very important, becauseIt has the ability to play simultaneously developing several branches.After determination of the state, you should determine the suitable type of tank technology.In the game there are some basic types of tank technology:

  • LT - light tanks.
  • CT - medium tanks.
  • TT - heavy tanks.
  • PT-ACS.

For example, you chose tank USSR technique - namely, the heavy tanks.If you look at the tree of development, we can see that the maximum level of development of Soviet heavy tanks are EC-7 and EC-4.In order to achieve this highest level, you need to open certain tanks, allowing access to improved technology.If you choose IP-4, it is necessary to know what the tanks pumped, namely:

  • Light Tank MC-1
  • Light Tank T-26
  • Light Tank T-46
  • medium tank T-28
  • Heavy TankKV-1
  • heavy tank T-150
  • heavy tank KV-3
  • heavy tank KV-4
  • heavy tank CT-1
  • Heavy tank IS-4

It looks like a branch of Soviet tanks from the firstup to the tenth level.And from this branch is better not to deviate.Also worth seeing the basic tactics and strategy games type of tank you choose and learn to play as efficiently as possible.

Influence account in World of Tanks

first and main form of accounts in World of Tanks is a free account.This type of game account does not limit the process of the game, but the development of technology without monetary investments affects the passage of World of Tanks.Bleed the tank in this case will be much slower.If you want as your branch as soon as possible to pump the tanks, it is possible to pay a premium - account.The premium - account it is possible to get a 50% bonus to earned experience and game currency.And it will greatly simplify the whole process of pumping.

The game also have the opportunity to purchase premium - technology.This situation is typical in the case when the purchase amount of experience for the next tank in the chain is sufficient, and the game to purchase currency lacking.For these cases, just buy the premium provided - technology.Buy it can only be for real money, and the goal of this technique - to earn game currency.But, even acquiring a premium - the technique, you can not lower your funds balance to zero, becauseparts and fix the premium - technology cheap enough.This fact, and the same for premium - account to account and unpaid.

platoon Bleeding and crew

deciding how to pump the tank, do not forget about pumping crew to learn skills.Becauseit will play much more efficiently, resulting in it will be much faster pumping tank.Once a member of the crew will be achieved 100% pumping skills, will have the opportunity of learning one or more additional skills, for each individual member of the crew and the types of technology.The first thing you have to remember - this is what basically the tank must be more effectively trained crew.This is necessary in order to be able to how to move further along the branch of the tanks can be more effective.

  • For example, you have chosen to play Tank KV-1, whose crew pumped by 100% and your gaming funds and experience enough to buy KV-1S tank.If you buy a tank KV-1S without the included crew, it will be possible to land a 100% trained crew of the KV-1 in the barracks.Then transplant the crew on the KV-1S and retrain for the new tank.
  • With this move, the new old tank crew will already be trained on 75%, and if you purchased a new tank crew without investing in training, he would have been trained by only 50%.
  • At the same time, the HF-1 crew not left.But now this is not the main tank, so there will be to recruit new crew with a 50% skill.In addition, HF-1, you can become a premium - the tank, if you learn all of its modules and tanks, follow after him.Learn all that you have not yet been studied.
  • Now the tank can be used to pump the crew, which you need to establish a tick in the box "Accelerate crew training" in the upper left corner.It will appear above the names of the crew members who are in the hangar.After that, the whole experience has been earned on this tank will go on pumping crew.Due to this, the tank can now be used to accelerate other crews prokachek their tanks.
  • Also, following the way to pump the tank, it is worth remembering about the game in the platoon.Express pumping becomes faster while playing in a platoon, because as one acting platoon and socializing with his friends or friend during the battle, you can play much more effectively.The consequence will be an increase of experience and game currency.
  • If the act of command, ie,when the tank one player will explore, the tank or tanks other player will be able to "cover up" the tank - a scout or repel the enemy attack, if any, will take place.This is much more efficient and speeds up the process of pumping its branch development tanks, and allow other players to do the platoon similarly.

general, any pumping process is due to perseverance and hard game.You can certainly accelerate this process by acquiring technology and premium - accounts for real money.But gaming is not considered environment is very honorable, becausegreatly simplifies the task that many others achieve labor and time spent.Therefore, if the game World of Tanks really you are interested, you should spend on its passage, and study of special abilities of their time and effort.And you will not be dissatisfied.

Now you are familiar with the information on how to pump the tank.This will allow you to make the gameplay more exciting and interesting.As your car will be more powerful, and therefore to your opponents, you will become a very serious opponent.Good luck!