Like teleport ( in maynkrafte ) ?

Like teleport ( in maynkrafte ) ?

Teleportation - a phenomenon in which an object is moved from one place to another in a very short period of time (almost instantly).Many games provide this opportunity to its players.In this article you will learn how to teleport to Minecraft.Like teleport

maynkraft in the single-player game

Unfortunately, the single-player game methods of teleportation is not so much.They are just three:

  • using stone edges;
  • the coordinates;
  • through portals.

Stone Edge

Armed with stone edges (drops out after the assassination of the stranger edges), it is possible to teleport short distances, throwing it in the direction you intend to move.It is necessary to be careful, because when landing you can get damage based on the distance the teleport.


In order to teleport using coordinates, you need to find out the coordinates of the place where you intend to move.Then, to the command prompt, enter the command / tp «x y z», where x, y, and z coordinates correspond to the fit.To find out your cu

rrent location, press the F3 key.


In single player there are two types of portals: The Edge and Lower World.Portal to Hell can be constructed from obsidian blocks on their own, but in order to get into the Ender-world, will have to find a fortress, found in her portal and fix it by inserting the missing edges of the eyes.

Teleportation multiplayer

Ability to teleport to the game on the network depends on the selected server.But, in any case, you can always move from any location on the map by a command / home.Do not forget to, being at home, register a command / sethome, which will establish the appearance of your home point.

Moving in Maynkraft other

Maynkraft In a multiplayer game, you can also teleport to the other.Before moving to someone, make sure it is not on the edge or in another secure location, and then type / tp "your nickname" "the nickname of your friend."The player to whom you intend to teleport to give his team the resolution / tpaccept.Only in this way you will be able to teleport to someone.

Teleportation using mods

There is a huge amount of mods, allows players to instantly move one way or another.The main include:

  • Industrial Craft2;
  • CraftBook.

Industrial Craft2

Install this modification, you can teleport crafted, working only on the Multifunctional energohranitelya sverhvmestitelnogo or multifunctional devices, as each instantaneous movement requires enormous energy.Teleport it can be objects, monsters and players.


teleport CraftBook are wall plaques, with only two lines.The value of the top line can be changed at your discretion.It is very convenient, since you can designate where it carries this label.The second line prescribed coordinates of the point where you want to teleport.