How to increase gaming performance ?

How to increase gaming performance ?

Due to the large growth of the game industry, gamers are faced with the problem that the components of their computers do not comply with the technical requirements of modern games.Since not everyone has the opportunity to buy a modern and not cheap "iron" for computers, the question arises how to increase gaming performance?

There are several ways that will be discussed below.


system Over time, your computer accumulates many unnecessary files that slow down its work.This application can be automatically selected with the programs, registry keys, the program that put themselves at startup.There are many special programs for cleaning and optimization of computers, for example, a popular and convenient CCleaner.

Also worth mentioning about disk defragmentation.The fact that often the information is "scattered" on the hard drive, thereby increasing the time of reading of a file.Defragmentation, this problem is eliminated.

The overclocking

There is a way to increase your computer's per

formance, overclocking the graphics card, which is different also called overclocking.The bottom line is that the graphics card specifications are changing towards greater productivity.This is achieved by manipulation of software and hardware to the computer.Manufacturer video defines her nominal specifications.In fact, the possibilities are not limited to the card.It should warn you that the video card overclocking can be dangerous failure of the video card itself and perhaps other "iron" computer.Since the graphics card will run in modes higher than nominal, it is required to provide adequate cooling.It is also worth mentioning that overclocking the video card is reasonable, when you have other equipment in the higher-level computer.

about overclocking the video card you can learn from our article How to increase the performance of graphics cards.

CPU Overclocking

Coupled with the video card is always worth to overclock the processor.How to increase processor performance, see below.

overclock the CPU, you can get a performance increase of 10-30%.Before you overclock the CPU, you should definitely read the instructions to the motherboard.To find in BIOS'e FBS frequency and multiplier settings.Also on the motherboard may be jumpers, with which you can change certain settings.Acceleration by the multiplication factor is considered more secure.Dispersal by FBS bus more effective as accelerated AGP bus and memory.Some motherboard manufacturers supply program of Windows, where the necessary parameters can be changed.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that accelerating the "iron" computer, you agree to shorten component life.But it is not necessary to pay special attention, as is the rapid growth of computer technology and "iron" just morally obsolete sooner.

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