How to reduce ping in World of Tanks?

How to reduce ping in World of Tanks?

Although World of Tanks does not require exorbitant characteristics of computers, a lot of players still can not play at maximum settings.Moreover, as the developers say, 50% of the tankers playing on the improved graphics.Even the owners of powerful computers want their game to work even faster.To do this, you need to know how to lower ping in World of Tanks.

Ways to decrease ping a bit, because he, unlike the FPS, depends on the speed of the Internet.Apart from the fact that it is necessary to change the provider or an online tariff, you can use a program that can reduce the ping if it is above 100. This is a program cFosSpeed.To make it lowered Ping, do the following:

  1. download the program from the official site.
  2. Install program.Note that the installer is strongly recommended to install the program on a local disk C.
  3. If the Windows security window appears, click on the "Install" button, or some other like that.
  4. After installing the program icon appears in the system tray.Click the right b
    utton, move the item to "Settings" and click on "Settings" in the menu that appears.
  5. At the bottom, under the heading "Automatic optimization of MSS (MTU)», tick the box marked "Corrects MSS / MTU for the maximum data rate ...".
  6. Below uncheck the box marked "If you enable this option, cFosSpeed ​​will determine ...".
  7. In the left menu, click on the option "Programs".
  8. In the same menu, click on "Games".
  9. Find «World of Tanks (worldoftanks. Exe)».Move the slider in the column "Options" to the right to the maximum.
  10. Click on "Save Settings".
  11. Close the program.
  12. Again, right-click the program shortcut in the system tray.
  13. hover over "Traffic Shaping".
  14. Select "Minimum Ping."
  15. You can run World of Tanks.

Know that for constant and efficient operation of its need to buy the program, but it is inexpensive.In that case, if you do not help, make a purchase is not necessary.

Do not expect this program grandiose reduce ping.She drops it slightly.The main reason for the large ping (connection speed to the server) - a large distance to the World of Tanks server and speed of your Internet.

As players claim some cFosSpeed ​​help, others say that all use to reduce the ping program does not bring.Therefore, if you hang up the game, but a normal ping (up to 100), try to increase the FPS using WoT Tweaker Plus program.