Which online game is better ?

Which online game is better ?

can not clearly say what is the best online game.After all, how many people, so many opinions.Everyone chooses online game based on some of their needs.Most people play in that in which they have more turns, someone just getting used to a game, there is currently friends and play it over the years.


online games Online games are divided into various genres: strategy, arcade, gambling, etc.First, choose a genre that you prefer, then you can already choose a game in the genre.It should also be understood that the popularity of the same game in different countries may vary.

Browser games

Online games are browser-based and with a special client program that is downloaded and installed on your PC separate program.Browser games - the ones in which you play, such as VKontakte, simply by using the browser options.Games with his client, have better graphics, demanding of computer resources, but are much more popular among gamers society.

Nobody will never give you a precise answer to that, what

better online game, except you.But try to briefly tell you about the most popular ones.

So, if you have plenty of free time, and do not know where to put it, like chat, play command, development and adore everything connected with it, then try yourself in this genre as a MMORPG.Among the most famous:

  • World Of Tanks,
  • World Of Warcraft,
  • AION,
  • Perfect World and many others.

In almost all of these games can be played for free, but many of them require a monthly fee, or subtly hinted that if the "little to add" real money, the play will be enjoyable and fun.But this is a purely personal matter.

If you love to run and shoot, do not want to spend all your free time on the game, well, and teamwork is not so important to you, then your choice is likely to fall on such a famous game like Counter Strike.It will not require any additional investments apart from a one-time purchase of a license.

In that play, you choose.Try different games of different genres, but do not forget that you live in the real world, do not play too much, because any game, even one that just did not like, you can tighten in the online world for a long time.