What are the games on the computer ?

computer games, there are many incredible.Therefore, to talk about what are the games on the computer, you need to begin to understand on what grounds they can be classified.The most important feature - the game genre.

genre also there are so many.Many of them are divided into sub-genres, which are also divided into categories and types, and so on. D. Often developers invent themselves to a new genre of game.Many other games are a mix of several genres.Remembering what the game came on the computer, we note a few basic genres.

  • Action games require the player to quick thinking and good reaction.These include game genre shooter, fighting and arcade.Famous today shooters - Counters Strike, Battlefield line and Call of Duty.Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and Tekken - the most popular fighting games.
  • also include an abundance of which there are games on the computer, there are strategies.They are divided into turn-based and real-time strategy (RTS).Real-time Strategy emphasize the tactical decisions o
    f the player.This gameplay variety RTS games have much in common (StarCraft, Age of Empire).Step by step strategies allow the player to more carefully plan their actions.Accordingly, the victory in them depends on the player's ability to think through the various scenarios of situation development.Games of this genre are often very different from each other.For example, Heroes of Might and Magic, Civilization and a series of Total War (in this line item as present RTS) are fundamentally different from each other.
  • Quests.These games require the player to solve a large number of logical tasks.Typically, the player gets them or find some items with which it must interact with the environment (insert the key into the lock, collect puzzle, shoot a crossbow to the rope, and so on. D.) To advance the plot.The top-lists, which entered the game in the genre of computer adventure, occupy a prominent place game Syberia 1 and 2.
  • Another genre of games - simulators.In them, the player must drive a vehicle from the car to the aircraft or ship.The difference between these games from the arcade that best approximate the management to reality.Here it is necessary to know the responsibilities of each switch in the cockpit of the aircraft or a racing car.Deal with the control in this game is very difficult.

Number of players

Another important parameter is the number of players who can play.In this regard, there are single games and multiplayer.For multiplayer games are:

  • that can be played on a single computer;
  • in that play on the network a few people;
  • massive online game (when playing on the same server hundreds, and sometimes hundreds of thousands of people).

To find out what the game will go to a computer that is in your room, you need to compare its characteristics with the system requirements of a game.To keep abreast of what the best games on the computer recently left or will soon be, you can regularly visit web pages of magazines devoted to gaming topics.