What games are popular ?

What games are popular ?

is impossible to imagine a modern pastime without computer games.Children and adults choose the most favorite genres.The popularity of games is influenced by various factors, ranging from the main - searches, completing references in the press, social media and official copies of sales.

Which popular games are now included in the top - 10 Runet?If we consider the genres, the most popular is and will be a MMORPG, or massively multiplayer online role - playing.


  • the first place in the number of searches and in the world, and in RuNet is World of Tanks.More than three million searches and more than two hundred references in the press, and even more in social media.There is no doubt now as to which is the most popular online - game.This game requires an analytical mind and the formation of its strategy.Excitement for this behavior in the game and what makes it so popular.
  • Second place goes to Borderlands 2. According to the number of queries and mentions it concedes World of Tanks, but ahe
    ad of many other games.An alternative future and a rich feature set and action cards also contribute to the popularity among gamers.
  • In third place World of Warcraft, the cult game of the world, which does not lose relevance.Developers warmed up interest in the project, recently releasing addition to WoW - The Old Republic.While this shows how the game is not yet popular "reach" to the leading Russian Internet worldwide becausethe majority of domestic gamers other flavors.
  • followed Assassins Creed 3, Far Cry 3, Black Ops 2 - the leader of online - sales by the number of pre-orders for the game.It is also often mentioned in the search engines and media Crysis 3, the output of which are waiting for many fans of the genre.
  • Popular worldwide game of Halo 4 and Forza: Horizon are among partygoers Runet much less popular due to the fact that the games are not designed for the PC, and go to the console Xbox 360.

popularity of the game features

  • novelty ideasvery attracted new players.But few studios are willing to take risks and start the project, which can not be recouped and cause damage.Therefore, developers usually are on the way already known franchise and launch a regular series of already successful, time-tested and beloved gamers project.
  • That conservatism scares many players already familiar from games, and makes us look more fresh ideas implemented by young designers of games.So that innovation, in one way or another, only to increase the popularity of the project.
  • But most studios are on the way to combine both methods.A certain idea, it can be either a new type of card, or a character, or a modified physics game gives originality.This, in turn, attracted new gamers.And then, just out updated versions of the "hit".
  • But, of course, the popularity of a game depends on the target audience.If a particular project is already a favorite of fans, they will only play the game, look forward to the continuation of the series and not "complain" to the lack of new gameplay elements.
  • Of course, now the most popular MMO games, asthey are free.But if we consider the ranking of paid games, the most popular genre are shooters.And what is the most popular game in this genre, so it's Crysis and Call of Duty.Next in popularity are action packed games such as Assassins Creed, GTA.
  • Despite the fact that determine the "playability" elements such as crafting and freedom to choose the character's actions, many studios just improve the quality of graphics.This reduces the risk of financial failure of a project, from the user point of view makes the game boring, namely entertainment and excitement of passage attract players.