What is the best tank ?

What is the best tank ?

fans ask the question, what kind of tank or better profitability, etc.you must first understand the nuances of the game World Of Tanks.In general terms, about the strengths and weaknesses of tanks, they are as follows:

  1. Any tank can become a star of combat.Leave the money in the negative?Rather, it speaks of a bad game.
  2. The poor do not have tanks game.Everyone has something good and something bad.If used properly the pros and cons to hide, then you can win on any machine.
  3. All tanks have differences on:
    • weapons;
    • Armor;
    • Maneuverability.
  4. In the game there is a tank, which combines all of the advantages or disadvantages.Each has its own characteristics, some are better than others when compared to machines of the same level.You must be able to use the maximum benefits from your tank.
  5. Much depends on the level with which to play.For example, the E-75 is good in battles with tanks on their level, and IP-4 is more suitable for games with a lower level, as is well armored sides.

yield tank can make a rating of cars which tank is better suited to making money:

  1. Premium tanks.
  2. SAU 5-6 level.
  3. TT 7-8 level.
  4. PT 8-9 level.

especially want to highlight: the tanks KV-3 and KV-2, as the most profitable.

What to choose?

When asked what is the best tank - the answer is simply no.The game has several types of tanks and each has its own role, its purpose, and it requires its own characteristics.

  • Light Tank.It is needed for the exploration and it requires speed and agility.The best can be called a Soviet tank T-50-2 and German Leopard.
  • Medium Tank.Its task quick raids and causing damage.If you choose to damage large damage - the best tanks of the French line more reserved German.
  • Heavy Tank.Impact force.There harder to decide which tank is best: WOT gives you the opportunity to choose a car for different purposes.The best armor in Russian tanks, stronger gun at the American.Etc.
  • ACS.Shredders tanks with powerful weapons and armor is very weak.Slightly more reserved German Hetzer and StuGIII.Choosing on which tank is best to farm.- Should pay particular attention to them.
  • PT ACS.Artillery.What matters recharge speed and damage dealt.Stronger US machine M12 and M40 / M43, and faster recharging of the French Lor.50 155 and Lor.155 600. However, they are also the most expensive.

In general, to determine which is the best tank in the game you need.Based on their own preferences and style of play.