To pierce tanks ?

To pierce tanks ?

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Where pierce tanks?

game World of Tanks was developed in order to be able to compete for players.It participated in the competition for the prizes was the main objective of gamers.Besides the usual players seek to maximize pump your tank to play it was a lot easier.However, for this it is necessary to be able to play well.

huge role in the success of pumping and participation in competitions playing skill shoot at the enemy tank at vulnerable sites.

will understand where to pierce tanks where the tank armor is thinner.

How to break tank

Find punched tank space is not that difficult if you know where to shoot and when to shoot better.You can certainly use a variety of skins that show vulnerabilities directly to a tank of the enemy.However, at a distance everything will merge, and not all are able to effectively shoot the gun right on target.

skins besides tanks transform into colorful boxes that will irritate the eyes.The best place to explore t

he memory where you want to shoot.Especially that all tanks have vulnerabilities common places where your finds its armor-piercing shell gap.

consider them in detail.

gap between the tower and the hull

Once in this vulnerable gap in almost any tank, it is possible to deduce the rotation of the tower of the building, which will give an advantage.This possibility exists in boeukladku and destruction of the tank.However, the tower itself is impenetrable, if you are not up on several levels.

-ins and command tower

shooting at them, can cause great damage and kill the crew of the tank.However, to get into the finer details will be difficult, and most of the shells will fly in the sky.

Windows machine guns and peepholes

in a frontal battle should give preference to the vulnerability of tanks.Once in them, you are guaranteed to kill the driver of the tank, and it will be certain death for the enemy.The weak are also all hatches and windows in the tank.

Caterpillars tank

Getting into the front or rear roller, it is possible to bring down the tracks of the tank.This will give a great opportunity to shoot at stationary targets.It is also effectively used for this purpose bomb.

engine tank

Engine compartment tank - a very vulnerable point.Contact can cause a fire there, which will destroy a tank, if not immediately, then later due to the fall of the strength of the heat of the fire.This tank will slow down or stop.The most effective fire landmine.

Lower broneliste

crew hides in broneliste bottom, left or right at a distance of 1/3 from the start of the tank.Once there, you will kill the crew with a high probability.

rear of the tower

Once there, you will destroy a tank.However, this would be very difficult.

Barrel guns

Shooting straight into the barrel of a tank gun, you disable it, it will give a huge head start in the battle.

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