Can I play on a netbook ?

Can I play on a netbook ?

Let's look at whether it is possible to play on a netbook?And if that is possible, in which games can be played on such a small screen?

Though netbook and is designed for office purposes (use of Word, Excel, etc.) and surfing the internet, but it lacks capacity, in order that it would not run a complicated game.So the answer to the question, "Is it possible to play on a netbook?"will - Yes, there are games for netbooks.

Features netbook

reason for the refusal of work of computer games on a netbook is a small amount of video memory, a small amount of RAM and a weaker processor.If you look through: Control Panel - & gt;system.You can check your memory and processor power.Knowing these characteristics, you can choose a less demanding games on the characteristics.

For example, the amount of your netbook video memory of 128 MB.If you watch the game 5-6 years ago, it is quite possible you will come across a game where the required memory to 128 MB.

Mini games

very much present in the network of m

ini-games that are inherently not very "mini".The fact that the name "Mini Games", they only by the fact that they do not occupy much space and not demanding.Puzzle in these games can drag away for a long time, these games, of course, the graphics do not shine, but sometimes it is very addictive.

Games by Alawar and Nevosoft

One of the most popular series of games, this game from Alawar and Nevosoft, in fact it's the games that do not require large resources from the computer graphics are not blockbusters.Games these manufacturers focus just on the installation in low-power, office computers and netbooks, which do not carry a powerful stuffing.

Browser games

on a netbook can play in browser games.These are the games that do not need to download, but in order to play that would require an internet connection.Browser games, this animated sites, where in fact the website itself and is a game that you can play alone or in dvoem.

Flash game

Not demanding flash games.It's something like a browser, small painted toys that are designed to simply kill time.

There are many sites where you can download games for netbooks.Play them can also be a variety of ways, and not even the setting on your own computer.