Pot juca pe un laptop ?

Can I play on a laptop ?

Computer games have long been not only fun for children but also for adults.Modern games have such realistic graphics and physics of movement that has long ceased to be a cartoon.In existing computer engines can create quite childish games.And everything would be fine if not for the high demands of popular games to the device for playback.

Portable computer equipment

Unfortunately, not every computer hardware can play the modern game with high performance.Personal devices such as netbook, nettop and especially the tablet, do not even talk, they are intended mainly for web surfing.But is it possible to play on a laptop, it is necessary to talk.The first laptops were created exclusively for business people, we included only work with office software, and because of their small size, compared to desktop computers were transfortabelny.With the development of computer hardware decreased laptop size and its ability to grow.As soon as an opportunity to complete a full-fledged laptop graphics card inste

ad of the integrated graphics adapter, there was such a thing as a gaming laptop.

gaming notebook options

Today gaming laptop is among the most expensive types of portable computer technology because of its high capacity.Yes, indeed, its ability to be compared with the capabilities of a desktop computer and can safely say that playing games on the laptop is possible, and even in games with high graphics settings.Since the main performance parameters of the game depends on the power of the graphics card, processor and amount of memory, then this just a gaming notebook with enough surplus.Video card with a storage capacity 1Gb able to reproduce all the latest games at the highest resolutions and video modes monitor.4 Gb of RAM and a dual-core microprocessor with a clock speed of 3.0 GHz will ensure a full game without braking.Such parameters have a gaming laptop with a reasonable price to the buyer.

Possible trouble

Over time, laptop owners, long time playing on it may be noted that it starts quickly and very hot.But this is in no way associated with running applications.It's all in the dust, which is hammered into the cooler.In this case, can help service and cleaning.Unless, of course, play non-stop for several hours, the notebook can really heat up from the game, in this case, you should make a break for a few minutes, and for myself, and a laptop.