Why give the game a mistake?

Why give the game a mistake?

That game is easy to install and run without any problems, there is little to find a good resource for its download.Also it is necessary to start up the game and run on your computer, and this requires compliance with a large number of a wide variety of settings.If there is at least a small problem in the system or in the game, the game will either not run or will not function correctly.

Next we will talk about the most common problems during the installation and start the game and how to solve them.

Errors: what they are and how to fix them

Can not install

This problem may occur if you have a broken archive or obviously damaged (perhaps containing a virus) file.If the program does not want to be installed, just find another source for downloading games and re-try again.

also often problems can arise due to excessive scruples and antivirus software to protect your computer.You can try to disable your anti-virus and firewall.Just keep in mind that it can be done only when you are convinced of

the harmlessness of a file, or you simply run the risk of infecting your PC serious digital parasites, which, of course, for the good of it will not work.Sometimes, launching applications and games can be difficult because of existing viruses on the computer.Scan your system and remove the pests.

In addition, the problem when installing can occur if the installation CD is damaged.Then there will be no choice but to buy a new one.

If nothing happens

If the game you have installed, but when it starts strongly, nothing happens, then perhaps the reason for the lack of a computer the following programs:

  • Net Framework and Xna Framework Microsoft (required not only for games,but also many other useful applications);
  • Games for windows live (required for multiplayer games).

Errors related to DirectX

They may look as follows:

  • d3dx9_43.dll;
  • xinput1_3.dll;
  • d3dx9_31.dll;
  • d3dx9_34.dll;
  • xinput1_2.dll and so forth.

DirectX program is vital to ensure that your computer can correctly play the game and some other multimedia applications, having a solid graphics, surround sound and three-dimensional animation.If the PC issues the above error, you will need to either install it on the computer or simply update an existing version.

And for the newest, most advanced (and it is almost all the most popular toys) require DirectX 11 version.But here we must bear in mind that this program is only for Windows 7, 8 and Vista.But XP does not support it, and hence the games / applications that require this version, you will not go.You will need to either install a different operating system, or try to enable compatibility with your OS version.You can do this by right-clicking the game icon and selecting "Properties".Then enter the tab "Compatibility" tick the box "Run this program in compatibility mode for ...", and then in the drop-down list to select the desired option.

Error mss32.dll

reason why the game will generate an error of this kind, may be the lack of the necessary software or incorrect installation of the file.So try:

  • update DirectX;
  • remove and put the toy again;
  • update or to reinstall drivers for the video card (it can be done from the website of the official manufacturer of your product);
  • update or to reinstall the sound card drivers.

And against drivers like to point out that they need to be updated regularly.If the update for some reason does not happen, then at one point, some of the applications or the same game, the program simply will not run.And the fact that you are one game does not mean that we should go and all the others, especially new ones.After all, the game is constantly updated, improved, and because the system requirements for them are growing.

Error msvcr100.dll

Download and install the program on your PC Microsoft Visual C ++.

Error xlive.dll

may occur when you run some toys due to lack Games for windows live.Download and install the program.

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