Gone Fishing : to catch that ?

Gone Fishing : to catch that ?

game "Fish Place" became one of the most popular simulators in the Internet.It is very close to the reality of fishing process.Here the players is not so easy to catch fish.Throw the bait and sit near the shore is not enough.The game has recreated the living conditions of certain fish, a variety of fishing rods, fishing rods, spinning rods, nets.For a good catch it is necessary to use special gear and choose the right fertilizer.As a result, different fish catch by weight, the quality category of individuals caught and not only in quantity, as in many other simulators.For each catch the fishermen receive bonuses, which allow them to develop further in the fisheries field, and the gameplay is becoming more and more interesting.

Many players of interest or need to try to catch a fish a certain type, for that they visit the location in which it is more common, and choose a suitable bait.What are the advice of experienced players, fishermen, help needed to catch fish?What to catch the game "Fish Place

" different varieties of fish?


It lives mainly in the location "Pine Grove".To make good use of bait rye crackers.What bait - earthworm or bread.If you have already reached a certain level, you can look for them in locations "Timeless Bay" and "Honeymoon Beach".To catch large specimens using caddis larva or steamed grains.

white eye

also loves to dwell in the location "Pine Grove" and eat bread as bait.

Round goby

chosen as the dwelling place of "Timeless Bay" and perfectly caught on worm manure as bait.To catch, you can use a fishing rod capable of supporting up to 3 kg of weight.


location to choose for themselves, "Rhine".To capture as bait suit bread.

Nematocera Danube gudgeon

This breed of fish was chosen location "Arena" and eagerly caught at the same bread.Rod, by the way, can also be used, if the withstand weight up to 3 kg

Whitetip minnow

Unlike his brother chose a location "Peskariny roll" and as bait prefer earthworms.You can also catch the bait, but it is better to 2 kg.

Crucian Carp

as ordinary, and silver, and gold are found in different locations gradually.Ordinary and silver as a bait like flies and worms prefer gold.However, if you want to catch larger individuals, then there is already on the fork cancerous meat or dressing "applesauce".


As is known, the pike - a predatory fish.For its capture, use of leeches, grasshoppers, larvae, caddis, fry, live bait.So choose the appropriate gear.


Small specimens are found in the location, "Pine Grove" and caught on beetle larvae.And individuals should look for a bigger location in the "Rocky Bay" and used for catching greens.


This fish likes to dwell in such locations as "Pine Grove", "Timeless Bay" and "Honeymoon Beach" and on a par with the best rudd eat the larvae of caddis or steamed grains.

minnow bitterling and

These rare fish to be caught in the location "Timeless Bay".Best of all, they peck at ordinary earthworm.However, in the capture of these fish, there are other tricks.Namely, it is necessary to choose the right gear - it should be as easy.

In general in this game are about 80 species of fish and as many types of tackle and bait.We talked about the most popular, the capture of which will soon grow from one level to another.Also, a variety of different gameplay quests, specific daily quests, tournaments between players, competitive leaderboards.There can be a real fishing guru.The game "Fish Place" will not leave indifferent any amateur fishing.And especially it will attract those who are not able to fish often in nature.

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