The Sims 3 : where to find a unicorn?

The Sims 3 : where to find a unicorn?

Game The Sims 3 is the third successful release of The Sims games.It includes many new updates and applications, including Pets (Pets), which is so loved by many users.Among the cats, dogs, fish, and other common pets in The Sims 3, you can also meet and magical creatures.For those who play The Sims 3, where to find a unicorn - one of the most interesting questions.Make it pretty easy if you know some tricks.

Unicorns and their magical powers

unicorn - a mythical creature, like a horse with a big horn on its forehead.But unlike conventional pet unicorn it has magical powers and can significantly improve or worsen the life of your Sim.

In order to create some kind of magic, unicorn magic energy needs.She recovered herself, to do, just give it time to do nothing.If you spend all the energy of the unicorn, it will negatively affect his mood and condition.

Energy points

maximum magical power - 60 points, recruited six sim hours.If you spend it to thirty, you get moodlet "Lack of energy," Be care

ful and let the unicorn gain strength.

  1. To start a fire, you will need 15 points.For the next fire will have to wait a little longer, about 10 minutes sim.To extinguish the fire, the energy is not needed.
  2. Teleportation Sim unicorn with or without costs only 5 points.
  3. to curse the plant will need 10 points, and bless - 20.
  4. If you want cursed unicorn sim, your relationship should be -25.Then, with a probability of 75% you will earn a curse.
  5. for blessing relationships needed 30 and above, and there is a 50% Sim blessing.

Strength and character

Each of unicorns is unique, they have their own character, its own characteristics, as well as their superpowers.When walking a unicorn and a rainbow glow surrounds and horn color changes depending on what makes your unicorn.For example, if he wants to start a fire, his horn will be bright red.And if he is engaged in peaceful activities, such as bless any tree, the horn will be green.

Monitor and care for a unicorn need as well as for normal horse, and the need to have the same.Tolka scale glowing white color, not green like other pets and Sims.Like the horses, they can be kids, with even an ordinary horse.The life expectancy of any unicorn on average three times the life of an ordinary horse, but they are not immortal.

entering the pet editor, you can change a unicorn just like dogs or cats.For example, you can change the color of the mane at any time.

Places appearance unicorns

Remember that you are playing The Sims 3, where to find the unicorn is not so simple.They always appear only in their favorite places.Favorite place in the Unicorn may not be more than three.

Like vampires, unicorns - creatures night, so you can see them only between 8 pm and 5 am.

In order for your site has become one of the favorite places for a magical unicorn, your Sim will need to make friends with at least five pets.Once you do, you start to watch the unicorn at night.But the probability of its occurrence is only 40%, so you may have to wait a few weeks.

If this city in any other family you have brought a unicorn, you can not try on, in each city can only live one unicorn.

How to make a unicorn

member of the family, you can "adopt" a unicorn just like any other stray cat or dog, but for this you will need to make friends with him.To make it faster, select one of the traits your Sim "love nature" when it is created.


Having got the child from the usual horse you can count on a unicorn only 50% of cases.And in the second generation and only 15% do.

not able to create offspring and unicorns Horse Center.They are very romantic and freedom, they need freedom.

Now you know something about the game The Sims 3: where to find a unicorn and how to make it a family member.Good luck to you!